Tuesday, November 24, 2015


One born to a king

One born to a pauper.

One born to be rocked in the cradle

One born to be left unattended.

One born to play with branded toys

One born to play with  pebbles.

One born to drink fortified milk

One born to be malnutritioned.

One born to be transported in imported cars

One born to run on spindly legs.

One born to study in heritage schools
One born to beg at red lights.

One born to savor five course meals

One born to survive on left over food.

One born to wear designer clothes

One born to wear tattered rags.

One born to attend coaching classes for lawn tennis

One born to child labor.

One born to live in havelis

One born to sleep under a leaking tarpaulin..

Both children of the same God.




Can we do something to bridge this abominable gap?

Can we do something to restore stolen childhood?

Yes, we can.

Indeed we can.

Let us harness the goodness in our hearts

Let us gather our strength

Let us make our resolve dynamic

Let us endeavor to bring justice

To the lost children of the world

Let us walk together

To restore stolen childhood

Let us each do our bit

To  leave this world a better place.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


It is a brand new day
O heavens!
How I have yearned to be free.
Free of the ominous clouds
That overshadowed my life.
You had  breezed into my life
Like the first flush of spring.
I almost did not catch my breath
Dumbstruck as I was
By your sweet encounter .
I was a seeker
 And I gaily offered you my heart
On a golden platter
All yours to cherish.
But alas!
You became whimsical.
You resorted to games
 My heart had unheard of.
Why, o why did you play the devil?
I floundered
 I shed tears
And finally it was time to bid adieu
Not because I was a runner
But because you could not match or appreciate
My frequency of love for you.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


 I lived in you
For a long long time
Offering you my heart and soul
Graying day by day.
One day it finally dawned on me
It was time to turn the tides
So i gave birth to a Tsunami
That finally resurrected me.
I tip toed hastily
From the mean ,narrow lanes of darkness.
Yet the broken heart is a necessary evil
For it is a reservoir of treasures
Now, my love
I harness a distance between us
Let me disconnect myself
Let me blockade you
For the intense light
Numbed my soul.
It is time to breathe easy
Time to live freely
Thank god for this precious gift of life
Away from the claws of love
It is finally time
To celebrate having loved.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


A journey of life
Equipped with fragrances of euphoria
Blockaded my pangs of grief.
A mélange
Merging, melting into my being.
I lived the moments
Woven like a priceless rug
Meshed with sprinklings of my mind
The collage of my being.
I introspect and decide
No more cries of anguish
No more would- have -beens
My fleet of endurances
I shall crown on my head
 A  promise to my youthful heart
That whatever comes my way

Spring shall be the queen of my heart.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


As I took my leave of you
Flustered by our love fights
Little did I know
About the catastrophe
 Which would unfold.
For a decade
Silence rode amidst us.
It could have been
A silence cold, deadly and fatal
But I kept it warm and  thriving
Illuminated by our love.
I poured my  heart out to you
In little message of texts
Love letters soaked in enduring yearnings
Carrying you with me
And within me
 Till my last sojourn.
I understood your silence too
 Cos I had understood your words
Our private legacy.
And so we carried each other
In the plush domains of silence
Building a cocoon
 Forbidden to all but us.
It is finally time to shatter the silence
And usher in sweet murmurings of love
For the test of time is over
And it is words now
Words of love, love and love.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today I heave   a quivering sigh
Shedding skins of melancholy.
A rapturous dawn unfolds
 Breezing in lullabies
 Of our love.
It is yesterday once more.
The unimaginable has transpired
Sweeping away wistful wantings.
The cup of happiness
 Spills over in exuberance.
The shadows have been confiscated
And banished  to the wild winds.
All that remains is the sweet scent of yesterday.
My heart flutters like a blooming lotus
And the chrysalis has transformed
 As freedom swings in gaiety
Chanting songs of our love.
How alluring is the dawn!
It is crooning the same luscious melody
Of our rendezvous.
Let me gather the plum beams of sunshine
And adorn it like a tiara
For yesterday it is
Once more!

Friday, September 11, 2015


It is finally the early hours of September 11
A brilliant sunrise
Sets the pace of the day.
The miracle boat gently anchors on the shore.
Its journey mired in dangers
A thing of the past.
The lass with the golden curls
 Gathers flowers for the offering
And walks towards the shore temple.
Even as the temple bells peal harmoniously.
She returns to the shore
And sits on the wet beach.
Suddenly a flight of pigeons
 Soars into the azure sky
The brilliance of the early morning
 Smiles at the flight of freedom.
The lass’s heart dances with joy
 As the pigeons disappear from sight.
 She finds herself crooning ‘Hotel California’
‘Relax, said the night man
 We are programmed to receive
 You can check out any time you like
 But you can never leave!’
September 11, you are full of enchanting promises
The consciousness today, a lark supreme.
 Now there is only one wish left  to be granted
The desire to hear the sound of her name
 From his honeyed lips.