Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Beyond the mundane
Beyond the comprehensible
Beyond the predictable
Lives Desire
In its fiery abode

A hallmark of dreams
Of unshed tears
Of brooding wanting
Of forbidden raptures
Lives Desire

Like the velvety Rose
Like the silken Lily
:Like the flaming Dahlia
Like the bursting Chrysanthemum
Lives Desire

Like the trailing wild Roses
:Like the subtle Frangipani
Like the winking Periwinkle
Like the bold Tulip
Lives Desire

Like the Autumn leaves
In hues of crimson and gold
Rife with the warmth of 
A soothing sun
Lives desire

Shrouded in secrecy
Craving in anticipation
Dreaming of caresses
And warm embraces
Lives Desire

Like the pulsating morning
Like the opulent sunshine
Like the fluffy clouds
Like the Koels's songs
Lives Desire.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


 You never had to beg for food
But  still why did you not understand 
The helplessness of the beggar?

 You have always been successful
But  still why did you not understand
The dreams of the worker?

You have never faced abuse
But still  why did you not understand
The turmoil of the abused?

You never fell in love
But still why did you not understand
The  longing of the estranged lover?

You never had faith in God
But still  why did you mock
The devotion of the devotee?

You are one of the mob
But still why did you 
Not curb your Prejudice?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lost Passion

It's been a long time
An incredibly long time indeed
Since we looked
Deep into each other's eyes.
A long time
Since i heard your baritone voice
Felt the positive vibrations
Emanating from your body.
A long time since 
I felt your touch
Your breath
Your embrace
The quickening of heartbeats
The power of two bodies
Concurrent  with  their souls.

It's been a long time
Since i granted you
My heartbeats
Since the fragrance of
Perfume wafted through my body
In anticipation
Of moments of intimacy.

It's been  a long time
Since i counted the hours
That would unite me with  you.
It's been a long time
Since we stood  together
Forsaking the world.

Now the heartbeats
Have forgotten to rhyme
With my musings.
The dancing crystal couple
Is history now
Broken and thrown
Languishing in the ruins.
The crystal angel
No longer offers her deep red heart to you
As her wings have broken
And  so has her soul,

The velvety voice 
Of the singer
Offers no solace to my heart.
The red dress I had worn
Lays tattered and frazzled.
The earrings no longer dangle
 Keeping pace with my excited mind
The bangles have long broken
Into a hundred pieces.

The love ballads
Refuse to lift
The gloom from my heart
Mocking me with their lyrics.
The rain no longer
Spins me into ecstasy
The green grass
No longer looks beseechingly at me.

The corridors of my memories
Are dark and gloomy
The sun had abandoned them long ago.
I no longer feel
The pranks of the wind
The gusty gale
No longer plays with my locks.

My shriveled heart
No longer expands
To the golden sunshine
The flight of birds
Piercing the clouds
No longer lift me from doom.

All that remains now
Is a throbbing heart
Waiting to rise to a crescendo
Waiting to once again to dance to the beats of your heart

Where are you my love?
Why did you forsake me?
 I stand alone
 Shivering in the cold breeze
Awaiting your return.
Will you ever come back?
Is the only song
My heart now sings.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Behind the Veil
Of voluminous Black
Covering  her body
From crown to toe
Two eyes pierced hungrily
At the world

Behind the Purdah
Of gossamer curtains
The women stood still
Their heartbeats erratic
Trying to peer through
The haze of blurred folds

Beneath the gigantic scarf
Wrapped firmly
From forehead to nape
Sliding down to the shoulders
The woman

Will the scarf  ever 
Fly way
Unhindering  the silken locks?
Would the wind ever
Plant kisses on her tresses?
Would the silken strands
Ever caress her cheeks?

Would the Purdah
Ever be wiped out?
Would she ever
Would her vision be ever complete
Devoid of fragmented light?

Would the black robes
Ever dream of Crimson hues?
Would the long robes
Ever revealed tanned legs?
Would  her hennaed hands 
Ever soak in the sunlight?
Would the kohl in her eyes
Ever entice a lover?
Would her sensuous lips
Ever smile in ecstasy?
Would the wind
Ever tickle her mid riff?
would her muffled ears
Ever recall the melody?
Would her concealed heart 
Ever dance with joy?
Would her nostrils
Ever inhale the fragrance of Juhi?

Would she ever get freedom
Like her enviable counterparts?
The Purdah
The Veil
The Scarf
Heaved a sigh of wanting
Would the burden ever be released?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Go Within

Inspiration may come
In many forms
Every now and then
But to be Inspired consistently
Go within

Explore the depth of your heart
Trust that inner voice
That knows you
Better than any friend.

Listen to the voice of your soul
Cos it never lies
Truth is her form
So, Go Within

When all desert
Or fail to deliver 
Go within

The fountain of wisdom
Resides in your heart
Let  the fountain spout.

It will bathe your 
With illuminating light
So, Go within

Friday, January 2, 2015

Awake, Arise!

Awake, arise
The tide has turned
The new day sparkles
Offering a balmy overture

Come, feel the sunshine
Feel the nip in the air
Yesterday is but a dream
a fading memory.

Grasp today unflinchingly in your hand
Embrace it profoundly
let it runeth over
Fill your soul
With nourishment of love
Beating with positive vibrations

It is no time to vacillate
But time to hold the hammer firmly
And hit the nail on the head.

Time tobid adieu to slumber
Time to seize time
Steer it in your coveted direction.

The winds are in your favor
They have been waiting for today
So set sail for uncharted voyages of discovery
A whole new life awaits you

Awake, arise
The tide has turned
The new day sparkles
Offering a balmy overture

Thursday, January 1, 2015


The first time 
I felt you Love
Was when I
Came out of the womb

As i entered
The world
A  mother's touch and care
Acquainted me with thee

I found it in many avenues
As i grew up
And it buried deep
In the vistas of my heart

I searched endlessly 
For that magical moment
When my soul would dance
In sync with my dreams

I found you Love
Unbelievably Unexpectedly
Like a trailing meteor
Capricious by habit

I bathed in your glory
Diving deep to its profundity
Unabashedly I drank
Thy magical potion

But like the ephemeral meteor
You disappeared without notice
Leaving me alone
Having stamped my heart till infinity

I wandered aimlessly
Wanting you back in my arms
My heartbeats soared and dipped
A tragic symphony

One fine  day
The approaching New Year
Showed me the mirror
And i made my peace

You were sweet indeed
Throwing me to the
Brinks of

But there was 
A life to be lived in fecundity
A precious gift
From Eternity

As the sun shone high and bright
I vowed
To be a better man
Than i was yesterday