Saturday, July 4, 2015


A time comes for everything
Riding on a unicorn.
A time for shedding old skin
Rough and worn out
Akin to a snake’s molting.
I happily shed my thoughts
Hindering my growth
And breathe in a new skin.
The old skin, a victim of naivety
Blissfully gives way to a brand new one
Ushering in healing..
Lessons  learnt are imbibed
And wounds anointed happily
Even as scars fade slowly.
Rejuvenated and afresh
I morph into a new soul
Even as my humane core remains timeless

Friday, July 3, 2015


My heart flutters for thee
My soul longs to be close to thee
O nature! My spirit swoons
At your exotic wonders.
The dazzling flowers
 Abundant in their glory
Spreading fragrance across acres
In the valley of flowers.
The ripe delicious fruits
Packed with ambrosia like pulp
Waiting to be devoured.
How daintily the citrus packs its juices
 How ornamentally the pomegranate stores its seeds
The deep red of apples beckon me
 And the luscious grapes tempt me so.
The red, yellow and green capsicum
 Nonchalantly  laugh a colorful riot
While an array of exotic vegetables
Tickle my taste buds.
Nature you give in profusion
 A bounty bursting  with nutrition.
But  wait!
 You adorn the Earth with yet   more miracles
Bathing it in immaculate beauty.
The azure sky garnished with feathery clouds
The dark cumulus pregnant with promise of rain
The snow peaked mountains
Longing to embrace the heaven.
The slanted needles of the Pine trees
Gently dropping the snow flakes.
The placid lakes
And the gurgling streams
The pouring rain and the accompanying thunderous orchestra
The majestic waterfalls
The ocean waves flirting with the sands
All echo my song of wonder.
The homing pigeons pecking lovingly
The soulful singing of the Koel and Cuckoo
The enchanting rain dance of the Peacock
Always incite me to thank the Providence
For a Nature so benevolent.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today is your barrel  of sunshine
Shimmering liquid gold
Of unspoken possibilities.
Seize it in your cordial embrace
Festoon it with rainbow tassels.
Tomorrow  entices like a sparkling gem
Its myriad lights winking with anticipation
Hushed dreams get woven and laid
A dazzling panorama of a tantalizing wait.
Jump on to the chariot of miracles
For tomorrow is your pot of gold.

Friday, June 26, 2015


A heart as tender
As a kindergarten lass
A soul as timeless
As the celestial galaxy
She was the quintessential
Child woman.
Her childlike nuances
 And tantrums
Endeared  everyone
Just as her wisdom quietened
 Her greatest opponents.
She effortlessly morphed
From child to woman and back.
Those huge limpid eyes
Celebrated the wonders of life
And a soul
Ageless and wise
Synchronized happily with God’s plan.
It was no dichotomy
 But a benign  blessing
Bequeathed  on her
And she merrily
Entwined the two traits
In a singular vein.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Daring youth
You filled me with searing blood.
I aimed for the stars
For the ground beneath me
Would not suffice my lofty  dreams.
Like a rider on a wild horse
I ran the race of my youth
Mindless of far reaching consequences.
I squandered and doled out
Remedies and dreams
And sowed my wild oats.
I would pause only now and then
Drunk for lust for life
Cos I wanted to live
A life of candid experiences.
But despite my wild streaks
Life you were gentle on me
Perhaps as my mind was always
Answering to my heart.
Life, not only did you look after
My faults and mistakes
You are magnanimous enough
To grant me a second chance.
Today wiser, with my cup full of experiences
I hold onto this second chance
Gently but firmly.
Today I walk a comfortable pace
Clasping on to your promising gift.
O Life! thank you for the second chance
There is no way ill squander it again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dusk has slowly cast its shadow
The Sun has vanished beyond the horizon
Quietly the stars emerge
Bathing the night sky
With silver beads.
A triumphant moon soars high in the sky
Its intention firmly lodged for the night.
Despite the reign of the  night
 I toss and turn in my bed
Flinging the pillow aside
 I pace restlessly in the sultry night.
Where are you my love?
Your absence stings my heart
Even as my misty eyes
 Bravely dodge the tears
Let me rest in your bosom
For nowhere else will my heart lie still
My love, come back
And cure me from this cruel insomnia.


From unknown unexpected domains
You invaded my soul
With a fragrance so adored.
A fragrance that bespoke of sheer brilliance
Captivating my heart in its fold.
Just like the most precious of blooms
Live for a handful of days
I could inhale your fragrance
And soak in your love
For a brief odyssey.
But behold, like the carefully preserved
Deep red roses in the folds of my diary
Your fragrance still lingers in my mileu
 A daring reminder of our rendezvous.
Will the roses bloom again?
Will the dewdrops kiss its tender petals?
Will the exotic fragrance wreak its magic once again?
I can sense you are around
Invisible , but subtle in your presence
And like the dark clouds
Waiting to burst into a torrent
I await the moment
When your fragrance  intoxicates me once again.