Saturday, April 18, 2015


Today I wish
To sing my song
A song matured like wine
A testimony of my journey
When I depart and shine.

The amazing maze
Crumpled my soul
Tested my patience
My faith
And the mysterious ways of life.

Keeping my senses afloat
I waited a while
For the pot of gold
Which I yearned to hold.

A Bonus!
Indeed a bonus
This life has been
Like the birth of twins.

Like the incessant chirping
Of birds in the morning
My life has been 
A lyrical melody
The challenges
Only honed my heart.

So I am ready 
To pen my song
Acknowledge every little blessing
That makes me heady
From a babe in woods
To a wise soul.

My blessings are many
My bonuses
An overflowing basket
A sparkling gift
I gleefully unwrapped.

When the Lord
Beckons me to him
I shall happily bid goodbye
To my human sojourn
Thanking him
For bringing me the bonus zone.

Friday, April 17, 2015


The shimmering hands of fate
Threw us together
Into a journey
Fraught with mishaps.

We took our oaths
To tread together
In sickness and in health
Bear each blow that came our way.

We curated
Our garden of life
Even as serous cracks
Appeared alarmingly.

I walked along
My enlightened path
Discovering my core
Even as I decided to loose you.

But the mysterious future
Knew better than us
And In one swerve
Brought us together
And  we found each other
Once again.

Another Milestone

The wait is over. And so is the countdown

5 years,  335 posts. 

Another milestone. DAFFODILS has 3 LAKH hits!

It is time to do the happy dance.

Thanks to all the people who were a part of my journey, consciously or unconsciously.

It has been a rrewardingand rich 5 years and am glad that DAFFODILS touched 3 lakh  visitors.

Do contuse to spread your love. and for my part my endeavor shall not stop


Thursday, April 16, 2015


Some call love
 A  Sweet poison.
Sweet it is
But poison?

Yes. Like the exquisite rose
Love comes with its
Claim of thorns.
Don’t brand it poison
But rise in love
Don’t fall
And oust the poison.

The story of love
Is not important
Be glad
Love knocked at your door
So let joy permeate your Soul
And bury the thorns
As a remnant of the past.

Today is yours
 Bask in love
Even if it was a fleeting affair
Cos real love
Is not measured in time.
It warms the cockles of the heart
And sings the immortal song of Joy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



My ardent love
Where are thou?
I pine away
The seasons of life

Your  silent stance
 Tugs  at  my heart strings
In vain
Lies my youth.

The music has ceased
The stars have lost their lustre
The melody is rudely interrupted
The lyrics have died a slow death.

The soul has shrunk
The voice a jaded echo
The gait is no longer agile
Halting to a zero.

But, wait a while!
Did we not relish our season of love?
Moments filled with passion
And hours of amorousness

Perhaps the best things
Only have fleeting lives
Like the precious saffron flower
That blooms at dawn and  wilts at dusk.

So do  not
 Squander  lives
But be jubilant
For  blissful days.

A cocoon of love
Is what we had
To freeze in heart
And never let depart.

So walk
On separate paths
Hearts filled with jubilation
Never a grey day.

This  love is stuff of tales
To be delivered
In the corridors
Of love.

Keep the flame aglow
In  divergent aisles
Let  love be a celebration
A  jubilation encore!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It is true
Our minds exploded
At the very first encounter.

Our souls sang
A lyrical melody
From the start.
Our thoughts
Carried each other
Trembling with anticipation.

We talked about love
And swooned
A dozen times.

We waited breathlessly
For the touch
That would sweep aside
Timeless yearnings.

Indeed  it was the embrace
That set me on fire
The gentle, cautious
Move into your arms
Being enveloped by you
I felt our heart beats
Dancing in tandem.

I realized I had
Finally arrived
To my wanting abode.
My patience had borne fruit
Cos I was in a dizzy
 Of my dreams.

The touch
Thrilling and breathtaking
Transported me into shades of ecstasy
And making me your prisoner.

The embrace
Took over me
Having fed me
The forbidden ambroisa
And I was marked for life.

My love
Drown me
Once again
In that enchanting embrace
And let me
Forsake the world
For a lifetime
Of that hauntingly
Beautiful embrace. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


O Savior!
In bygone times
When I  was a tender lass
Poised at the threshold
Of a new life
Despondent in my heart
And bereft of hope
You gave me a miracle.

Years later
When I became stripped of utopia
Wading through gloom
You shone the light
And I escaped
The nightmarish tunnel.

A third catastrophe
My gossamer heart
And you manifested and gave me
Courage and

O Savior!
One more time
Grant me a miracle
As I await
Your benevolence
To uncurl my fetal form
And banish the shadows.

O Savior!
Set me ablaze one more time.