Friday, August 28, 2015


Beyond the mounds of gloom
Away from the  shores of melancholy
I strode
On an aisle of grit
Shedding shreds of desolation.
I reckoned
 Laughter would be
 My soul’s attire
Cherubic happiness
 My breath’s echo.
 I hummed the melody
 A perfect symphony
Of my ricocheting heartbeats.
I taught myself
The art of brimming happiness
Embellishing sun’ rays in my twinkling eyes
 Soaking in moon’s tender light.
All this and more
 As I settled for utopia.
An impromptu encounter
An unforeseen twist
You stand gazing into my eyes
As nostalgia sips.
Do we know each other anymore?
 Do our hearts recall 
The synchronal bliss?
Can we still waltz in rhythm
To the cascading waterfalls?
Pray, where do we go
After this tempestuous meet?
My heart pirouettes
As tears are safely tucked away
 No longer wreaking havoc
 With my capricious mind.
 We start anew
And this rendezvous
Is the plum fruit
Of an accomplished heart.

Thursday, August 27, 2015



Under the azure sky
With whiff of feathery clouds
She ran up to the meadows
From her little cottage bright.
In flowing robes
Of emerald green
She merged
With her incredible dream.
Her head adorned
With a tiara
Of  fragrant frangipani
She outstretched her arms
To her invisible partner.
The lilting chirping
Of excited birds
A perfect symphony
Amid deer herds.
The butterflies whizzed past
In sync
With her dance steps
Her arms open and wide
She danced to her heart’s delight.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Subdued dreams
 Muffled sighs
A throbbing heart
Aching expectations
Submerged life
In a sea of despair.
Aching thoughts unfurling
Hidden depths of grief.
Suddenly the heavens exploded
A thunderous applause
Rhyming with the fantasy
A deluge of sorts
Wiping away
The pitchers of gloom
An ecstasy gone viral.
There was no stopping now.
The deluge was here to stay
An invincible tale
Proud in its inception.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Like a blazing meteor
You entered my orbit.
An array of scintillating fireworks
that glowed like embers.
I stood transfixed
Dazed at your audacity
As you  sparkled and captivated me
With candor in my tranquil abode.
I could only pinch myself
But your were no flimsy apparition
A flesh and blood soul
Sent by none other than Providence,
Your brilliance in and out
 And my mute admiration
Forged a spectacular tale
That was eternal
And deeply poignant.
Unmindful of cataclysm
I spiraled into your bosom
For a heady cocktail
Mesmerized like never before.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Amidst  mists of time
I barely make out your silhouette
Diminishing in a haze
Shrouded by gaping silence.
Hazards of unspoken yearnings
A deficit of caressing words
My memory betrays me
Even as I long
To decipher the
Cold,  sans words interlude between us.
Did our hearts
Ever sing in unison?
Did we  ever rejoice in each other’s touch?
In a haze of a million sighs
I am lost for words of comfort
Wiped away in swift measures
 Like the disappearing sand dunes.


The meandering boulevards of life
Twisting and coiling
At every short bend
Hide prophesies of time.
You badger me
Like the hiss
Of a deadly serpent
Lashing one blow after another.
You question my beliefs
Stagger my faith
Eroding my soul
Leaving only
 Scanty shreds of hope.
As you darken both my days and night
Into a turbulent labyrinth.
I somehow
Manage to rally against the grime
Find my voice
From suffocated breaths
Find my soul
Trapped in rivulets of pain.
Loser I shall never be
I shall twirl my way out
Finding ,my strength
Standing erect on my feet
Towards my resurrection.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


In the dark dense forest
Under the canopy
Of an ancient Banyan tree
Lived the mother goat
And her four kids
In a cottage of
Golden glee.
Each morning
The mother reminded her kids
Of the dangers of the forest
As she prepared to go out
For her daily tasks.
Hushed in the wilderness
Only the leaves Whispered
As the kids peeped out
From the secure windows.
The routine never wavered
Of the mother goat and her kids.
Seasons melted
One into another
Till one day
The kids were all  grown up
Wise to the ways of the forest.
Bliss and freedom
Was now their bold stance
 A reward for lessons learnt.
In a sudden flash
The roles were reversed.
The mother goat now content
Sat  by the fireplace
While her four kids
Went out
To brace the big bad world.
The mother goat sighed in relief
For she knew her lessons
Were deeply etched in the kids’ heart.
It was now time for them  to
Travel to uncharted  forests
And explore a life of their kindred heart.