Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Recognition

We all love a pat on the back. Acknowledgements, recognition,awards add zest to our lives.

Oprah Winfrey in one of her Talk Shows said that every individual yearns for Validation. To be loved and appreciated by our kith and kin and across the masses, is a universal need of humans.

This Mother's Day was special for me. Not only did my sister from Mumbai join us with her daughter for the day, but there was a pleasant surprise in store for me early morning. As i checked my mail i discovered that my Blog which was just five weeks old had been selected by Indusladies. com, a website of Indian ladies spread all over the world and with a viewer ship of over a lakh members.

On the occasion of Mother's day they selected 59 of the best blogs of Indian Mommies and took out an eBOOK and my blog DAFFODILS was one of them. Also they had included over 250 posts from the selected blogs.

As i celebrated Mother's Day with my Mum, daughters and sister, i was thrilled to be validated on three accounts. As a Daughter, as a Mother and as a Blogger.

Thank you for making me feel good!!!

Wordless Wednesday 1