Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Twin Boons

Twenty two years back when we moved from South Delhi to Faridabad, the town  of Faridabad, now a part of NCR was literally a ghost town. So why did we move form a posh south Delhi colony? Three reasons.  Firstly we were in an extended joint family and there was the usual dispute over property. When i realised our life wasn't going to be comfortable we bought a piece of land in Faridabad.  We chose Faridabad over Noida and Gurgaon for economic reasons.  The fact that two our our close relatives were also settled there made that decision easy.

In 1988 there were no roads in my sector , no street  electricity, no phone in the sector where i live.  Only a handful of plots had been built and majority of the plots lay vacant. You could see pigs and cattle in the sector. Slowly development started.  More and more people started  building their houses.  A welfare body of residents was formed and people started working on persuading MCF office to provide better infrastructure. And then came street lights, telephones, cable , parks with benches and equipment for kids to play, the Sector Huda market, Beauty parlous and more. But i still remember there  wasn't a single shop that sold magazines and books.  I would go all the way to Teksons in South Extension to buy them.

In the past five years Faridabad has changed dramatically.  The Mall culture has added quality to life.  You need not make that mandatory trip to Lajpat Nagar to buy everything from home linen, crockery,  clothes, electronics  or brand wear. I missed out on many good movies as the Halls  were pathetic and hubby would not always be keen to drive to Delhi on Sundays.

Today my daughters shop at Ebony, Westside,  Numero Uno.  They celebrate birthdays at Pizza  Hut and have fun at Macdonalds. We  catch the latest movies in PVR, Inox, SRS theatres.  Life is good.

But the most welcome addition to Faridaabd are the  Metro and Badarpur flyover


 The Metro will reach Badarpur by October 15 if all goes well.  Yesterday i had the pleasure  to ride over the flyover which was built at a cost of Rs 340 crores to make life easy for people of the town..  It was a thrilling expereicne  after having waited for so long and being caught up in traffic jams at the Badrpur bottle neck. We left home at 11.20 and had reached Badarpur at 11.30. At 11.33 we had reached Ali Ganv and had passed NTPC.  At 11.38 we reached Apollo. We had crossed a distance of 4.4km in just five minutes. Unbelievable!.  My daughter who travels to South Delhi for work would be caught in jams and sometimes it took her an hour and half just to reach Apollo.

The two boons have made commuting to Delhi so much easier. But still a lot of work needs to be done regarding beautification of the under pass with greenery and removal of junk  below the flyover.

We are all waiting for the day to take out first ride in the Metro. Faridabad is no longer a ghost town!