Sunday, December 19, 2010

Delhi Indiblogger Meet

When i came to know about the scheduled Indiblogger meet via an email, i was mighty surprised and happy too.  For i had read about meets in other metros but  somehow there was never a talk about a  Delhi Meet. So i registered myself and looked forward to meeting fellow bloggers  whose posts i would make it a point to read , besides remaining in touch with them on Facebook.

Since i  drive only locally in Faridabad , i  have to be dependent on hubby and his driver for trips to Delhi and NCR.  But for this occasion hubby had some important work and couldn't spare the driver. So i had no option but to call in my talkative but reliable Taxi wala from my neighborhood who is always a safe bet if i am travelling on my own.

The networking started  early morning .  Messages on Facebook.  Calls to fellow bloggers in Faridabd and Delhi. Exchanging phone numbers . SMS and more.

Ritu Lalit a blogger from Faridabad and my mentor into my foray into blogging decided to go together as we live in the same town.  We reached the Religare Art Gallery, the venue of the meet in CP an hour late.

  As we walked in, Vineet Ranjan welcomed us and asked us to log into our indiblogger ids.  We did so and settled  down in our seats.

 The screen in front of the room displayed  the message " Abha Midha walked in 1 minute ago".  This was indiblogger's way of welcoming its arrivals.

The introductions were already taking place and the mood was one of camarderie.  No serious dialogues  for sure. Like Addy's Brainwave intro was " I blog about serious stuff like how to date 3 girls at  one go!"
There was more laughter with  other bloggers remarking about the number of visitors to their blog.

In the mean time i got to meet many bloggers whom i had know virtually .   Prerna     .  Indian Homemaker,  Tikuli,  Purba Ray,    zephyr,   Pankaj Batra,    Arushi,   Sangeeta. And Anshul Tiwari

Among the so many new bloggers i also happened to meet Shayon,   the guy from Mint. Shayon, it was gr8 meeting you and i am waiting for you to email the video clip you took!

Introductions over it was time for the sponsors to conduct a friendly quiz and hand over hampers to the winners.

It was now time for cordial game, the ice breaker.  We were each given a chart paper and a pen and asked to hang the paper on our backside.

  We were asked to draw caricatures and give comments to our fellow bloggers.  The room was suddenly transformed into hectic activity with each blogger trying to get max comments and  caricatures.

There were 3 winners and then we moved to the refreshment room  Post refreshments there was a healthy  discussion .  One of the hot topics debated  was the attitude of the  people of the city of Delhi.  Many shared their experiences especially those who had come from other states.  The general feeling was that Delhites  needed to be more  warm and friendly towards  other people.

In the last segment of the meet we were handed envelopes from Blanket of Relief and asked to donate in cash or cheque and place it in the drop box. Each one of us obliged happily.

Finally it was time to wrap up the  meet.  There were brief addresses by the Blanket of Relief and Religare representatives.

To me the meet was an eye opener and i realized that blogging was more than a hobby but a serious business.  I am so glad i could attend the meet.

There were only 2 things missing.  One was Renie Ravin. It would have bee great if we had an opportunity to meet you.  Never mind, next time. But the Indiblogger team  did a wonderful job for sure.  The second was the case of missing T shirts.  Anoop i hope you remember your promise!

That was the whole affair.  Next time there is an Indiblogger meet in your city do drop all agendas and make sure you attend it.  I promise you you wont be disappointed.