Monday, May 9, 2011

Go Easy on Mother Earth this Summer

Summers have arrived with a bang. It's time to take out your cottons. Air the Lakhnavi and Chanderis.Guzzle down summer coolers thandai and aam ka panna.Turn on the AC and enjoy water melons and musk melons that are low on calories and high on nutrition. Bite into luscious mangoes and ignore their high calorie content as you get them only for a short time.

Indian Summers are famous throughout the world, thanks to British Raj. While the British reveled in ruling our nation, they were not tough enough to tolerate the onslaught of a hot scorching Indian Summer. Hence came into existence a string of Hill stations with Simla, serving as the the official Summer Headquarters of British Raj. The British would escape to Simla with all their paraphernalia and cool their heels in the hills. They also gave us Nainital , Dalhousie, Musoorie in the North of the country.

This Summer when you pack your bags and take off to your favorite hill station, think of Mother Earth. And what you can do to protect it, so that we can hand over a beautiful Planet Earth to our progeny.

Already we have two major events occuriing annualy to mobilize people on the need to conserve and do our bit to protect Earth. Every year on April 22,

Earth Day is celebrated throughout the world. Started on April 22, 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, a UN Senator. He worked towards an attempt to bring about a better understanding of the affect we have on planet and calling on all people to take action to make positive environmental changes in our community. Ever since, this has become an annual event. Awareness programmes and rallies are taken out to encourage people to do their bit in protecting Mother Earth from man made disasters.

Just like Earth Day there is another event , Earth Hour. Earth Hour is organzed on the last Saturday of March BY WWF ( World Wide Fund for Nature). Over 4000 cities from 131 countries took part, by switiching off non essential lights from 8.30 to 9.30 On March 26, 2011.

Notable landmarks like Acropolis in Greece, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Hiroshima peace Gardens in japan, Pyramids in Egypt switched off lights. In India Rashtrapati Bhawan also took part. Popular Bollywood actor Vidya Balan

was the brand ambassador for the event.

We all studied about renewable and Non renewable resources in school. We need to conserve three thongs.




One fifth of the world's population lives in areas where water is physically scarce. One fourth of world's population faces water shortage due to lack of infrastructure.

India has 1% of world's energy resource but 16% of world's population. So as Indians we need to be aware of the consequences of mis use of our resources.

While our IITians and R & D people brainstorm for the elusive Bio fuel, lets go easy on our natural resources.

Simple daily acts by conscious citizens can go a long way in acheiving our goals.

Ways to Conserve Water

Fix your leaking water faucet

Closing the tap during shaving and brushing teeth.

Watering your garden in the morning hours to avoid evaporation of water.

Defrosting food by thawing in microwave or overnight instead of using running water.

Hhaving short duration bath showers to beat the summer heat.

Adding mulch to your garden soil to help retain water.

Rain water harvesting are only a few of the many ways to conserve WATER.

Ways to Conserve Petrol

Car Pools

Planning your trips to market

Shop Online. I saved both time and money by ordering books from Flipkart. Delivered right at your doorstep with Cash on Delivery option.

Walk, Bike or use a rickshaw.

Regularly keep your tyres properly inflated for better efficiency.

Oil your engine.

Get your vehicle serviced as per your manufactureers advice for better eficiency.

Ways to Conserve Electricity:

Use CFLs ( Compact Fluroscents) They use 4 times less energy and last 8 times longer.

Switch off lights and applainces when not in use.

Scheduled power cuts by the government are one way of conserving electricity. It is during such times that the lady of the house can be heard saying, " Light chali gayi hai. Inverter chal raha hai. Switch off the TV. Switch of all extra lights. Sab ek kamre main aa ke baitho ". Perhaps we need to have an Earth Hour every month instead of once a year. We also need to educate our children about effective measures of Conservation.

Summers mean more use of Electricity with fans, coolers and AC. More use of Water as the intake of water multiplies. It also means more water for your garden. As also more water for your multiple showers. More use of Petrol as you drive off to a hill station. So this Summer, stop and think of what you can do for Mother Earth. Conserve Water. Conserve Electricity. Conserve Petrol . For our Planet Earth is the only known planet till date that nourishes LIFE. We all owe it to her.


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    This is a wonderful and informative piece, that all should make note of our mother earth and its protection, unless we follow the rules the earth we now live in become a hell.
    I have posted some knol and blogs on this issue especially one on tree and its protection, Under the title "Our Existence Depends on Trees"
    let us preserve it for our good
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