Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From Russia, With Love

For any Blogger, the word 'TRRAFIC' spells magic. HOW much traffic?  WHERE in the world  is it coming from? WHO are the people reading my Blog? etc.For the whole purpose of Blogging is for people to read your Blog.  And if  the readers leave a comment, it  is bonus!

So, like any other Blogger i too take great interest to track my 'Stats'.

India, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, RUSSIA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Australia, Iran, in that order  are the main readers. With Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, Ireland, Dubai, Poland, Czech Republic , Spain, New Zealand, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesia, Phillipines and a few others thrown in.

Now, for a long time now, i have been  noting the '.ru 'ending in the URLs.  At first i was happy that  Russians were reading my Blogs.  But as the number of URLS with '.ru' kept on increasing, i decided to do a little investigation.

This is what i discovered after clicking the TRANSLATE button on these sites :

The first one is from the site lookserial: 
"Soaps give us a wonderful opportunity to live their lives together with heroes.  rejoice in their success and disappointments do not empathize with a short period of their lives, as it happens in the movies and watch entire episodes and life  span.  But watch series on TV is extremely tedious because on TV show only one series per day or even a week. And the series end with the most interesting place and to want to continue viewing! But we have to wait until the next day at breakneck pace to run to home to turn on the TV, and a screen appears that you have already forgotten about yesterday was all about.  Downloading srialov (??) is a fairly lengthy process, which is difficult to finis, so this occupation is abandoned halfway through and watch episode fails.  Thanks to modern equipment all seasons and all the series favorite series are available to you online, at any time.  In this case, all serials on the site for free and add to our database entirely.  You can easily chose your season and series and enjoy watching.  And when the series is over –watch the next or return to the series when the time.  It is very convenient because now is the time to show your choice, and next change yourself for a television program.  The more you will not miss the series  on TV when you are late to work, meet friend or go on business.  From site lookserial favorite characters will be with you when it is convenient.  Number of videos on the site is constantly growing.  Here you can find Russian serial and telenovela , and foreign hits and new items.  We should also note that viewing is carried out without registration and without prescription (!) which is often found on other sites.  All that you need – is to select episodes for viewing ,and a wealth of information about each of them and availability of help is ranking.  Enjoy viewing and do not forget to share a link with your friends."


The second one is from a site selling Corner Computer Tables.....

"No matter how big or small your computer, hold him or the time to work much easier and more enjoyable if he is on his tailored just for him. And unless you can find the best place for a computer than a specially made by his computer desk? Of course not, wherever you pritknuli himself along with all the multimedia bells and whistles and wires, you'll feel uncomfortable, even though the work at a laptop becomes much more enjoyable and more productive if you can settle for the convenient computer desk."

The third one is from a site selling Computer Games
 "Hello dear Readers! You are actually unique in the whole webcams blog about games.  

This blog is dedicated gamers and real gamers. 
  This blog is about something that concerns the Gaming industry. 
 Here you will find the latest news the game world, game 
reviews, screen shots, games, videos and music. 
 Blog will evolve and improve with time.

 Life is a game.  Living – play. Playing a – live.  Playing – the game. Living – live! "


The fourth one is from a site 'SEGOL':

"Look for quality Advertising Program?  Place their banner across their site, choose your display area."


The fifth one is from an Event Management company:

" Toastmaster Helena - holding celebrations"
Dear friend you got right on target, because the best without a miss.

Celebrations, large or small, be sure you will cover a wave of vivid impressions, rich color, good music and positive emotions..... if it is taken for " Toastmaster Helena and her creative team".

Offer to perform : Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate parties, Hen, Stag, Theme parties, Sport's day, Children's parties, Proms, Videography, Design balloons and Flowers.

Artists of various genres: Juggler, Singer, Striptease, Dancing ( East, India(!),Spain, Gypsy), Violin, Saxophone, Keyboards,Orchestra, Ensembles of different composition, soap Bubbles show, Fire show Light show."

So, what are these sites doing visiting my  Blog?  Should i be Happy? Honored? Amused? Indifferent?

What do your say?  One thing is for sure.  RUSSIA is on my 'Must Visit' travel list for sure!



  1. lol! you should be charging them for advertising on your blog! a free visit to russia would do in return ;)

  2. Agree with Magiceye! Charge them :)

  3. @Magiceye @ Zephyr You are right. i SHOULD charge them :)