Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SILK : Restaurant Review

SILK is Faridabad's First Authentic Chinese Restaurant,

 situated on 2nd Floor of Pristine Mall in Sector 31, Faridabad.

Ill give 8 out of 10 for Ambience.  The lights are soft and  muted, gr8 English songs and a mute TV screen .  

So what is the Menu Like?

Pretty good. As you place your order and wait for the food , you can enjoy Kimchi Salad which is complimentary.

 In the Dim Sum section there is Suimai which are  open momos in which you can see the stuffing.  Kothe  has the option of being steamed or fried with  veg/ non veg filling

In the Soup section, there is Hot Pot, a clear soup with option of prawns, chicken and vegetables. Then there is Monchow soup with crispy noodles and is of medium thickness. There is also Wonton soup which has dumplings.

In  Appetizers in the Veg section you can try Tofu/ cottage cheese skewer.  also Baby Corn with chilli spring onions.

In Non veg there is Grilled prawns with meyo sauce, which is a combination of mayonnaise and mustard.

Also Dragon spring Roll with option of prawn or chicken filling.

Another interesting dish is Kunchow Chicken, which is spicy sliced chicken with Crispy Spinach

In Main Course, in Prawns there is Prawns in Sambal Chilli Sauce.  Also Wok Fried Prawns which come with Thai herbs.

In Fish, there  is Pan fried seared Basa Fish ( a variety of imported fish like Pomfret) with lime garlic sauce.

Ther is also Crispy Hamur in Tangy Thai sauce, Steam Fish in Hongkong sauce and Fish in sesame chilli sauce.

In Main Course  Veg there is  Kung Pao Vegetables , which  is oriental vegtables with Cashew nuts. Also Mushroom Bamboo Shoot in chilli Oyster sauce.

It also has Curry section with Thai Green Curry which is spicy and Thai Red Curry with an option of veg, prawns and chicken.

In Noodles section there is PAD Thai Noodles, which is Thai flat noodles with choice of chicken/ vegetable.

Nasi Goreng which is Indonesian shrimp  fried rice with prawns , crackers, chicken satay with freid egg and paste.

In Dessert you ca try Banana Roll with Butter scotch sauce or Coconut Date Pan Cake.

In Beverages there are a variety of Teas, Beer, Wine, Fruity Cocktails and Classics like Bloody Mary, Pina Colada etc.

SILK has special Cocktails you can try: Geisha, The Burning  Train and Shark Attack besides others.

A meal for two starts from Rs 1000.

And on that lazy day,  they deliver at home in nearby sectors too.

Do try SILK.   And don't forget to mention your palate preferences with chilly and spices so that the dishes are perfect for your taste.

Bon Appetit!


  1. that was very comprehensive!
    sounds like a good place to dine!

  2. Great place to dine .Nice review .Thanks for sharing.

  3. @magic eye Yes Deepak, we visit it often.

  4. Will have to visit this place.

  5. Thanks for the info...Its tough to find authentic Chinese cuisine.