Wednesday, November 30, 2011

100 th Post, Aha!

Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still ~ Chinese Proverb

So now you know the reason for my recent, frequent blog posts.  It was a countdown to the 100th Post :))

Finally I am there. Typing my 100th Post.  100, really?  It seems incredible. 

So how do i feel? Happy. Content. Alive. Focused.  LOL...... before i get all  narcissist , the ultimate feeling is one of Expression.

 When i had written my first post 'Trip to Viashno Devi', I was a novice.  Totally new to the Blogging world.  At that moment all i  wanted was  to share my travelogue.

Today, i feel that my hitting a century is a Blessing of Maa Bhagwati as i had ventured into Blogging with writing about Vaishno Devi.

Slowly, one step, at a time i walked the Blogging journey, discovering the world of Blogs and making new Blogger friends.  Today,  i feel great having  met quite a few Bloggers at the Delhi ,'Blanket of Relief' Indiblogger meet, and befriending many more through their Blogs and Facebook. 

And now its time for the second Indiblogger meet in Delhi.

When i had started Blogging, i never knew Blogging would give me so much satisfaction, happiness and a sense of purpose , beyond my role as an ex working woman and a Home maker.

It has been an  eye opener indeed.

A BIG thanks to all my readers, especially fellow Bloggers who comment, as also to  my other readers  across the world who  read my posts.

As i type my 100th post, i am happy to share that my readers are spread over 80 countries around the Globe. While the top 5 countries are understandably India, US, UK, Canada and Australia, it is the presence of a few countries from far flung regions of the world which pleasantly surprises me.

As i surfed these countries, i am sharing a few pics from these countries  to highlight them


A Carnival Dancer



Kruger National Park

Zagreb, Croatia

Bahla Fort, Oman

CZECH Republic

A knitted Car in Prague


Athletes from Jamaica


 Kyongbok Palace, Korea


Conrad Maldives, Bongchi Island


A Bread shop in Morocco


Ethnic background children in Puerto Rico
Pudjoma Castle in Slovenia


Ravages of the Vietnam War

Now, all set for the next 100 Posts :)




  1. Congratulations!! Wishing u many many more posts. Keep Blogging :)

  2. Congratulations! That's a great achievement! I remember the Vaishno Devi post from Cleartrip contest! WOW! May you have many more blessed years ahead, my sincere best wishes for many more :)

  3. Congrats Abha...Century. Lovely pics.

  4. @ Arti Thanks Arti

    @ Alka Thanks. Glad u liked the pics :)

  5. COngratulations on ur 100th post!! Keep going..

  6. @Arun. Welcome to my Blog . thanks!

    @ Saru Thanks Saru!

  7. Way to go Abha! And you can never be an ex working woman - as a homemaker you can never stop working :)

  8. Hearty congratulations on completing the century!
    Heres wishing you many more!!

  9. @ Purba True. A Homemaker is the fabric of society. without us, our families would be lost :)

    @ Magiceye Thanks Deepak!

  10. How did Im iss your 100the post? Congrats Abha. I loved the pictures you posted to represent countries form where you have visitors :)

  11. Thank u Shail. Even if we are regular on the net, we still miss things sometimes. But i am so glad u finally saw the post! glad u liked the pics :)

  12. Congratulations on completing the Century on this your very own space!! Looking forward to many more cool milestones! :)

  13. Congratulations on completing the century Abha.. Keep blogging

  14. @ Shilpa. Yes indeed this is our very own personal space. thanks for the wishes!

    @ Farida Thanks dear