Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Solitude and I

My Solitude and i
Often Reflect
What would life have been
If you hadn't been there Google

Surfing would probably 
Have never been invented
Nor searching
Or copy Pasting

How would i have obtained that perfect picture
Or researched my Posts
Or got inspired by Wiki

And the immense pleasure
Of tracing a long lost childhood friend
Indeed, my Solitude and I
Often Reflect

What would life have been
If you hadn't been there Google.......

Scenario 1

Two decades have passed by.  The search for  long lost University classmates has been futile.  The Address Diaries  have been sold to the kabadiwala.  Letters have long been dumped into the dustbin. I join a Community on Orkut. My post in the community  would probably show up on the Internet. And then the thought of Google brings a breath of fresh hope. Facebook has just started to manage a mass exodus from Orkut .Three months later i am traced by a classmate on FB, Thanks to the chronicling of Google.  Bliss.

Scenario 2

I Google my friend's name in vain.  she is not on any social networking site. I wrack my brians hard and remember her Doctor husband's name.  Yes, there is a certain Doctor by the same name who lives in USA.
I Google further and find a page which lists  doctors family members.  Yes he has a family member by my friends's name.  she is the right age.  But she is not on Facebook.  Wait, there is another family member.  listed.  I search  Facebook and there are six persons with the same name.  I take a guess, she is my freinds' daughter.  so, the girl living in US should be her daughter.  I send a private message, ' I am trying to trace my college friend Axxx. Are you her daughter?'  Twenty four hours later she confirms she is indeed  my friend's daughter. She messages me her phone number and i talk to my friend after 28 years.  Bliss.

Scenario 3

Nostalgia makes me go through my old pictures.  I find a treasured photograph of my friend with her hubby and son.  We have been friends since the age of 10.  Kept contact right till my elder daughter was three. And then got so involved  with family and lost contact with her.  I turn back and see the name of her husband and son written on the picture.  I Google for her name but she is not there.  and then i Google her husband's  name. Yay, there is a man with the same name in the the  city of Mangalore where my friend used to live.
I hurriedly note down the name and phone number of the company he is listed in.  I call up the number and enquire about him.  Yes, he used to work there once, but no more. I feel a twinge of disappointment , but not to give up that easily, further  the man on phone,' Is he married to Mxxxxx'. "Yes", come the reply.  BY now i am literally jumping with anticipation.  "I am trying to locate my childhood friend Mxxxxx.  Could you please give me their contact number?", i request the man.  A pause and then, "0xxx  xxxxxxxx." I thank him three times and put the phone down.  Next minute i call up the number, keeping my fingers crossed.  " Hi, this is Abha from Faridabad, can i talk to Mxxxxx?" .  It is my friend on the phone indeed.  We are again  in touch after two decades.  Bliss.

It has been two years since these three incidents.  I am indeed grateful to Google for this incredible gift of my long lost friends. So now you know why Google is my FIRST LOVE , and why my Solitude and i Often  Reflect....:))


  1. your poem has the lilt of 'main aur meri tanhai, aksar baatein kartein hain' :)

    lovely poet!

  2. @ Deepak. O yes, i luv the song....never thought i wud get inspired this way :)

  3. Main aur meri tanhai ha ha.....Great! Timely post! I love Google too and Google loves me ♥ ♥ ♥!!

  4. I did something like this early this year, and actually met my childhood friends from 50 years ago, who I had lost contact with after my folks were transferred out of Pune when I started college. Then recently I found another friend and met him for lunch after 46 years ! (Its there on FB, and so many folks from those days came back and went Awwww....:-) Google and FB (also) ki Jai ho!

  5. @ Giribala ye Google ka kamaal hai

    @ Ugich sure Google aur FB bhi :)

  6. It's amazing how we are all reconnecting and connecting too...I'm always grateful to Google :)

  7. I am still trying to find old friends. I did find one classmate from my post graduate days via googling. He was at Delhi and I managed to find his email id and sent him a mail. Within no time I had a call. That felt really nice. :)

  8. @ Corinne Yes,Google is almost a revolution:)

    @ Shail. Keep trying , you'll surely connect with the rest. Childhood, school and college friends are the most precious lot.

  9. Loved the poem...
    But honestly we are spending much time with virtual friends. And too busy for the real ones.

  10. @ Alka The reason for spending more time with virtual friends and less with real is cos we can connect with virtual friends at the click of a mouse, from the convenience of home, with or without having showered :).

    But real friends are certainly treasured, as there lies the warmth, in the REAL world :)

  11. Did you know Google has changed the way our brain remembers? Because we know everything is a click away our brain prefers remembering less. How does that make you feel?

    But it's still heaven sent for us -especially when we have to consult over a dozen articles for our posts:)

  12. A very interesting observation Purba. This is news for me. Yes, it is sad that it has changed our thinking patterns in the brain. I guess That is the prize we have to pay for technology... the IT revolution. It is a bit frightening to think what the next 10 years will bring or what kind of life our grand children will live. BUT, life is all about moving ahead and even if we from the previous Gen are not too happy about the changes, we have to accept CHANGE.