Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Green Affair

GREEN is the color of Nature, Fertility, Life. Green symbolizes self respect and well being.It is also the color of Balance. It also means Growth and Harmony.  It is also the color of Mother Earth, our unique Planet Green in the Universe.

How does the color Green affect us?

It affects us physically and mentally.

It is soothing .

It helps alleviate, depression, nervousness and anxiety.

Offers a sense of  Renewal, Self control and Harmony.

The importance of conserving and protecting our Green planet is already aware to Mankind.  Two days in a year are earmarked to focus the Green Affair.  June 5 is celebrated every year as World Environment Day and April 22, is celebrated every year as Earth Day.

TEN Innovative ways in which we can go Green:

1.CONSERVE  Water, Electricity and Fuel

2. Use CFLs.Compact Flurosecnt Light Bulbs are cost effective way to conserve energy and save money.
 CFLs last up to 10 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, and use 75% less energy.

3. Harness  Alternative sources of energy like  

  SOLAR Energy and WIND Energy. Wind energy is one of the cleanest forms of alternate Energy available.  An upcoming trend, you can vouch that it will become commmon in the coming years.


Reduce your Carbon footprint .  Buy Organic foods and other consumer products from Brands like 'Organica' and 'Fab India'.
5. The term “CARBON FOOTPRINT” refers to the amount of carbon (C02) we emit individually in any one-year period. C02 is produced from many sources and is the primary gas responsible for Global warming and the resulting alarming changes in our climate.


Old habits die hard.  and if we have to revolutionize the way we think and GO GREEN we have to mould  our children.  Friday is the day for Color Green.  So let there be a Universal anthem for 'GO GREEN' and let the school children across the world sing it in their Morning Assembly.


Patronize companies like SUZLON that are making efforts to make
our environment more Eco friendly. Invest in their Bonds and Shares. India has the Fifth largest installed Wind Power Capacity in the world.


Make a GREEN International Fair an Annual  5 day event.

Showcase the latest innovations in the world of technology  for a Greener Planet.

 Hold Seminars and debates. Screen documentaries from across the world, by Green enthusiasts.

 Exhibit Eco friendly and Organic products of daily use.

Cultural participation by school children on the theme GREEN.

Invite celebrities and local musicians and have a CONCERT for 5 days.


Recycle  Water, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Cardboard.


Reviving the CHIPKO  Movement  and Planting more Trees.

The Chipko movement or Chipko Andolan (literally "to stick" in Hindi) is a social-ecologicalmovement that practised the Gandhian methods of satyagraha and non-violent resistance, through the act of hugging trees to protect them from falling. The modern Chipko movement started in the early 1970s in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, with growing awareness towards rapid deforestation. The landmark event in this struggle took place on March 26, 1974, when a group of peasant women in Reni village, Hemwalghati, in Chamoli districtUttarakhand, India, acted to prevent the cutting of trees and reclaim their traditional forest rights that were threatened by the contractor system of the state Forest Department. Their actions inspired hundreds of such actions at the grassroots level throughout the region. By the 1980s the movement had spread throughout India and led to formulation of people-sensitive forest policies, which put a stop to the open felling of trees in regions as far reaching as Vindhyas and theWestern Ghats.

Volunteering in planting tees with social bodies like the Rotary club. Lion's Club and other organizations.

Besides the Ten  ways i have mentioned, there are numerous activities in daily life which can go a long way in creating the GREEN psyche.

The  thrust for GOING GREEN should be to inculcate 'Earth Friendly Habits'.  The more people treat Mother Earth well, the safer its inhabitants will be.  EARTH is the ONLY known planet  till date with LIFE.  let us not tip the natural balance and wake up now, and preserve Mother Earth.

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