Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspiration or Addiction?

Blessed are those on whom the Internet has not cast a spell :)

Around 1994, the Internet went public. People everywhere began realizing the enormous possibilities of an interconnected network that spanned the Globe. We all witnessed the rise of dot com and the bubble bursting with many failed enterprises. But this was just a pause. Internet came back with a bang around 2003.

Equipped with technologies like Java, Flash etc, a new trend of social networking began to rise in popularity. Today, internet is no longer something we accessed from  Cyber Cafes.  Today every middle class home has a PC with every  professional student boasts of his own very Laptop. Thanks to the popularity of internet we access the net on our mobiles. It has merged with our lives. And is here to stay.

In my opinion, there are three categories  of people. Firstly, are those  who are blissfully unaffected by Internet. Secondly, those who have to log in compulsively.  The more free time you have, more is the frequency. And then, there is the third category. The poised, well in control people who know just how much is enough.

So, the question is.  Do we turn to Internet for Stimulation or are we getting addicted to this gift of the IT world?

The virtual world has held us in a fierce grip.  We communicate online via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Skype. Somehow, somewhere aloofness and loneliness has crept it. So much so that we actually derive immense pleasure in interaction in real world.  Recently, i went to spend the weekend at a  relatives place and it was bliss to be away from the digital world for two full days.  True, i carried my mobile but i rarely ever use the mobile to go online.  This exclusion is simply to keep my sanity :)

Today, Wedding Cards are scanned and sent in one go to numerous  friends staying out  of time.  Saves both time and money spent on Courier or Speed Post.

Regular Tweeple dream of cutting themselves off  from Twitter for a month long break. For two reasons.  To be free from  addiction and as a test of will power.

Before the Internet, friends, colleagues, parents and siblings would exchange notes on information.  Debate on burning issues. Come to a consensus.  But now, any information you require, ranging from your favorite  song's lyrics to an organization's domain to your favorite video is just a click away.

And yet, there are people who speak against Google and  Wikipedia.  Some professors in Universities ban their students from using Google and Wikipedia to do research assignments, emphasizing , " You don't come to the University to learn to  Google".

Professor Tara Brabazon who teaches  Media Studies  at University University of Brighton has likened Google to 'White Bread for the mind".  Check out this video:

So, with Online  Education fast becoming a convenient way to acquire a fancy PG degree and upcoming schools brazenly advertising of Digital class rooms, where is Education headed?. Something to ponder on....


  1. For one, the professors are right. It would indeed be heartening to see the students focus more on real life research & learning rather than solely relying on the internet. And thanks to the web, an increasing no. of children are forgetting what its like to play outside and are too busy connecting on SN sites... Maybe we've almost reached the levels of addiction...

  2. @ Vishal Yes its almost turning to an addiction. I am glad people around the globe are analyzing the trend and hopefully we'll learn to draw the line.