Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apni Dilli

Republic Day Parade in N Delhi

After having spent five years in Chandigarh pursuing my Masters, i felt  the need to spread my wings. At 21, Delhi beckoned to me.  It was a strange pull that made me  give up the option of doing Reasearch and pack my bags and shift to Delhi.  Soon after,  i got married and we lived in Delhi for the first two years of my married life in South Delhi.

During those two years i wanted to take in all that  Delhi had to offer. So from eating Chinese from parked  vans to dining at House of Ming and Haveli, Ice cream sessions at India Gate post dinner, attending the Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, visit to the Zoo, attending the Crafts Fair in Modern School, Barakhamba road, rides at Appu Ghar, visiting  The State Emporia at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Walking at Janpath,   the book Exhibitions at AIFACS, exploring Books at Teksons, Crossword and Sehgal Brothers in South Extension, eating at Karims in Nizamuddin West, Eating at Nirulas and more ... we did it all.

And then came the Life changing decision when we shifted to Faridabad.  in  1988.  Faridabad was almost a ghost town, though slated to be the Industrial hub of Haryana. I would miss the Delhi life sorely  and make frequent trips to be happy.

Decades later when my daughters grew up, i decided that they needed to discover Delhi. So, during the Commonwealth Games i took my daughters for a wonderful trip around Delhi via the HOHO bus. You can read about it here and here .  And also made them take a Heritage Walk in Chandni Chowk. You can read about that too, here.

Today, Faridabad has emerged as a great town, now being  easily connected to Dilli  via Metro.

On 12 th December, 2011,   Dilli turned  100! And understandably Dilli  was trending on Twitter.

I have picked up 50 tweets.  The Dilliwalas will surely relate to them, and for the outsiders, it is a dekho into the mind of a Dilliwala.  Take a look:

#whatIloveaboutDilli picnic lunches at Lodhi Gardens, dog, tiny tot, basket-carriers,frisbee and a quiet spot to snooze in sun after !

#whatiloveaboutdilli - Walking in the Lutyens' zone on weekends, with lots of trees and less noise-- and my secret places in the aea

 #whatiloveaboutdilli  Foggy mornings, sunny afternoons. Metro rides, walks in the park. Midnite snacks at Pandara Road. Lassi in Karol Bagh 

#whatiloveaboutdilli Lower rent than Mumbai.

Flowers and trees. Skies and sunsets. Jamun in the summer. Roasted bhutta. Roads that take me home. #whatiloveaboutdilli

#WhatIloveaboutdilli the gigs & plays... Every day of the week in winter. And the food, nice wide roads, dozing off in the winter sunshine

 #WhatIloveaboutdilli Auntyjis in pretty shawls in shaadis, the kada prashad at Bangla Saab, the Pahadganj madness at Nayi Dilli station

#whatiloveaboutdilli Airport transit metro, mall meals, the idea and emptiness of Gurgaon. 

#WhatILoveAboutDilli this constant entanglement of chaos and calm it offers. Yeh sheher nahi mehfil hai!

#whatiloveaboutdilli amrita shergill marg. i take a turn on to it even when i don't have to, just to be able to drive down that beauty

#Whatiloveaboutdilli dost, khana peena, khuli hawa, greenery, broad roads, shopping :p

#whatiloveaboutdilli The sunday book market

Sardi ho toh dili ki ho warna na ho #whatiloveaboutdilli

#whatiloveaboutdilli Sooji ke Golgappe 

Jamming at the JNU campus on #PearlJam's last kiss on a winter afternoon #whatiloveaboutdilli

#whatiloveaboutdilli The Chaat, the Momos and the cute Punjabi mundas!! Haha ;)

One who murders can get bail and go to pub for parting and marriages #whatiloveaboutdilli

#WhatILoveAboutDilli... Absolutely everything, the people, the food, the seasons, and the smell of gilli mitti when it rains.

#Whatiloveaboutdilli beautiful architecture, clean roads, dilli haat, parathe wali gali, winters, family... All my bachpan ke din :)

#Whatiloveaboutdilli "INDIA GATE"(I am filled with deep patriotism when I looked at AMAR JAWAN JYOTI ((the flame of the immortal soldier))

#Whatiloveaboutdilli easy sloooooooooooooooooooooooooowww life

#whatiloveaboutdilli - Khan Chacha :-)

#Whatiloveaboutdilli butter chicken,butter naan, butter in EVERYTHING :p

#Whatiloveaboutdilli long drives in the rains :) on EMPTY ROADS :D

#whatiloveaboutdilli it is always alive n happening!!!

#Whatiloveaboutdilli... dilli de sonee kudiyan .....

#Whatiloveaboutdilli...AIIMS par 4am baaje bhe paratha omelet milta hai :-)

I was in Delhi to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Wow! #Whatiloveaboutdilli

#whatiloveaboutdilli is north campus of delhi university n d life there.

#Whatiloveaboutdilli...people ordering chinese food at Sagar ratna :-)

#WhatILoveAboutDilli hauz khas village ke chote chote restaurants n cafe's

Parks, free concerts in the park, flowers in Spring, the smell of parched earth in the rain, woodfires in winter #Whatiloveaboutdilli

The METRO rides!!!#whatiloveaboutdilli

#Whatiloveaboutdilli BTW (Bitto Tikki Wala)

#Whatiloveaboutdilli – wide open spaces, history at every turn, multi-cultural milieu, crowds at cultural dos."

#Whatiloveaboutdilli dilli ki kudiyan aur unka tashan.

#Whatiloveaboutdilli seetu neetu te teetu di gaddi on back of autos'

Happy Birthday Dilli. I may pretend to hate you, but in my heart you're the best. #whatiloveaboutdilli

#whatiloveaboutdilli Delhi Metro. Truly world class. And well maintained. And growing.

#Whatiloveaboutdilli - Chandni chowk ke Jalebi, Purani dilli ka mughlai khana DU ka crowd, Ridge ka environment, Khan market kee shopping !!

#Whatiloveaboutdilli is trending awesomee.... oh Chak de Dilli! ♥

 #whatiloveaboutdilli khan Chacha rolls

#Whatiloveaboutdilli the fact that, how tradition, values and growth survived together

Bhaiyya Dhaniya aur Mirchi toh daalo.. Thoda Aur... 

#Whatiloveaboutdilli ChainaRam ka Karachi Halwa

#whatiloveaboutdilli: i have been to more than 16 countries and 20 cities but nothing like delhi !!!

The real india #whatiloveaboutdilli

#WhatILoveAboutDilli Every Delhiite is a foodie.

Koi Jugaad hain ??? 

#Whatiloveaboutdilli - Being stuck in traffic jams. If it were not for them, I wouldn't be half as active on Twitter as I am now.

 So, what do YOU love about Dilli?


  1. nice post!!! i lived in delhi only for the early years of my life... but i love the tree lined avenues and the wide roads there!

  2. @ Anu Thanks! Yes, Dilli is my jaan too :)

  3. Hi Abha ,
    came here for the first time from Jaspal's blog.Loved your post about Dilli. i was remeniscent of my 7 days trip to Delhi about 20 years back when i met my frind in Lady Irwin Collge and was smitten by its campus and smart delhi crowd. in those 7 days we explored Sarojini market,chandani chouk took a delhi darshan bus ride, had been to Nirula's , wimpy's and ofcourse it was the first week of december in 1992. so , i guess it was the condensed form of dilli I got to experience .

  4. @ Kirti Welcome to my Blog. Yes Dilli is a gr8 metro.

    Keep visiting !

  5. Awesome post :) keep rocking !

  6. i love sooji ke golgappe :D. u don't get it everywhere.