Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Blogging Award

Christmas is just around the corner.  It is countdown to 8 days.

My Punkymood  girl is happily displaying  "JOYOUS' mood.

There is a free invitation to attend  Christmas Celebration in my locality.

And Santas across the world are gearing up to live up to the hopes of millions of kids.  It is a different matter that nowadays kids know that Santa is their good old Grandpa from the locality.  But who cares!  Festivity is in the air. Love is in the air.  Hope is in the air for a brand new 2012.

So, i thought of something to do for my Blogging Fraternity.  A Christams Blogging Award tag, that will bring Bloggers closer this season. So, here are the Rules:

                                Nominate 10 fellow Bloggers

                                Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

                                Share 10 POSTS  you have enjoyed reading of ANY of your Blogger friends

                                Thank the Blogger who nominated you
                                Your Post should be PUBLISHED by 24th December 11 p.m

                                ADD the Christmas Blogging Award picture to your Blog Post

So, here i go nominating 10 fellow Bloggers:


Rachna Parmar


Chicky Kadambari


Anuradha Shankar


Arvind Passey

Sangeeta Khanna

Vidya Suri

And here are the TEN POSTS i have enjoyed reading the past  few months. Who are the bloggers? Read and discover for yourself... that is the whole idea......

Sons, marriages and nosey-parkers

Being a daughter, old age and the empty nest

Fall Of The Feminine

Flavors of Comments

Just Jockeying

Can't end marriage over sari :)

It Hurts

Don't have kids!

5 things To Do AFTER I Die

And so we gave courtesy a decent burial

So happy Reading.  Happy Blogging, and wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Thanks a bunch Aabha for this award! I will be sure to go through all the posts that you have mentioned. Thanks again. I will take up the tag soon.

  2. Thanks for the nomination, Aabha... winning an award makes you feel good and I'm no exception. :)

    Will read all the posts that you've listed... and will surely reach out to the other nominated bloggers as well... a nice way to bring bloggers together.

    Arvind Passey

  3. Thanks Abha! That's a real nice way of sharing the Christmas cheer around!

    I'm in the middle of relocating, so I might be a little late in taking up the tag, but will try to do it ASAP.


  4. @ Rachna Look forward to your post

    @ Arvind Yes.. do read and interact and write a post :)

    @ Chicky Glad u liked my effort :)

    Don't worry about being late, just do it when u get the time after shifting

  5. Thanks Aabha! It's is the first time I've got one of these :-) . Will strive to be worthy :D

  6. Thanks Abha..I am so glad you remembered me for this festive award. It's a great effort to bring many bloggers together.
    Will try and and do as instructed.

  7. Thanks Abha , am touched by your gesture. Will try to take up the tag soon.

  8. @Tikuli You are welcome . Join the Christmas spirit and post a Blog :)

  9. @ SAngeeta. Do blog and spread the Festive spirit

  10. Thank you so much Abha!!! You are such a sweet person :-)

  11. Aabha, thank you. Please do come over and check this: