Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kingdom of Dreams 2

Sharing some more pictures of the amazing experience at Kingdom of Dreams , Gurgaon

Colorful Mugs in UP Pavilion

Inside the Rajasthani Pavilion
Manjha, used in kite Flying in Punjab Pavilion
A Manji for comfort eating and rustic plates in Punjab Pavilion

The tilted Monument against the false Sky
The artificial Sky in the Culture Gully

Entrance to the Chinese Restaurant 
A Puppet show
Roller Kulfi
People in the open Culture Gully
A face on the wall
A Truck  parked outside the Punjab Pavillion
A horse dancer

Puppets mounted on the Wall

A Puppet show

A Kathakali Dancer
A Pavilion exhibiting the Mumbai Local Train

If you liked the Pictures, you'll love the real experience.  So go book your tickets and have a blast at Kingdom of Dreams!


  1. Kingdom Of Dreams is walking distance from my place :) Did you have a good time there?

  2. @ Magic eye Indeed colorful

    @ Purba Yes, we had a lovely time. the Black Light show was simply superb! Will go back to see Zangoora soon.

  3. Amazing pics... N very well shot, Abha... This colourful and vibrant India is the one which maintains its cultural heritage.

  4. Wow! This place looks really exciting..

  5. @ Vishal Thanks

    @ Arun. Yes it is worth a visit for sure.

  6. All pictures are simply awesome..such a lovely place..

  7. Its a nice place and the shows are good too...Expensive though.