Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Launch

2012 has started on a promising note. And a confirmation of the belief  'Never Say Never'. And expect the unexpected.

Right in the very beginning when i had started my Blogging journey, in my third post to be precise, i had shared in  the  post  Of Gizmos, how my hubby unlike me, was pretty much  untouched by the Internet. So, three days prior to 2012 when i got a call from hubby at 6 in the evening saying, "I want  a  website for my company", i was zapped.  And mighty happy too.  As i had always wanted him to half in love with technology as i was.

So excited was i by the thought of hubby's very own website that for the next 16 hours everything else faded into oblivion. I assured hubby that though i was no techie, i would definitely pitch in  with all the help i could for this new project at hand.  The fact that this event was to unfold in the coming new year added to my enthusiasm. We had something exciting to look forward to 2012.

In another of my posts, My Solitude and I, i had written an ode to Google. So began the hunt for a  company selling Domains.  After much Googling , i narrowed down to an ace company which catered to the likes of Wipro.  And surprisingly, i found their rates very competitive.  So the next couple of hours were spent on buying the Domain online.  Two hours later we had our very own  new Domain with 250 MB space which could easily cater to a Website with 10 to 15 pages.  Yippee!

The Domain and the Web hosting services came with 2 free Email ids. In my eagerness to do everything  at the earliest possible time, i made several calls to their 24 by 7   customer care helpline and  a few hours later everything was in control. Having done that, we now needed a Web designer who could make the site for us.  Several calls and several  hours later, i had the phone numbers, but no contact with  someone who could make it.  Not to be daunted, i started work on the  third phase of the Project.  Researching for the layout and the content of the website.

I lost track of time and spent hours discussing the nitty gritty of the proposed website with hubby.  I asked hubby to go back in time and share  his work experiences as they needed to be incorporated in the website.
I sat glued in front of the computer, researching on his arena of business, trying to get a hang of the goings of the business, something i had never ventured in  such minute detail in our so many  years of wedded life.

That night, dinner was served by my daughter as i sat engrossed with the new baby to be launched soon.  It never bothered me that it was past midnight.  The  research and surfing continued.  As did the constant discussions with hubby. That night, while our daughters slept, hubby and i worked through the night.  And sure enough  it was early morning.  I had already started working on the blueprint of the website and scribbling notes in my  notebook.  And for once,  hubby happily made several trips  to the PC , every time i wanted to call his attention to something related to the task at hand.

By now it was 10 in the morning.  I had been working non stop.  Post breakfast, we made another attempt to contact the Web Designer in Faridabad.  And luckily, this time he picked up the phone.  I explained to him  our requirement, emphasizing that the layout and content was pretty much planned. The Domain already bought.  All that was required was the execution of the Website  as per our requirement. Twenty minutes later he was home and we were discussing the finer details of the Website.

Post discussions of the cost and the time it would take for the Website to be  ready, he finally left, with the blue print in hand and the promise of the website within a week. As i clicked on the Preview URL provided by the Domain Hosting Company, it was with a lot of exhilaration that  i read the remark, "Site Under Construction!"

And so  began the wait for  2012 to unfold and the countdown for the launch of  the Website.On the very first day of 2012, we had good news in the evening.. An invitation to view the website on the day after.  Finally the day arrived.  And let me share with you, that it is TODAY!. Today, on the auspicious day of MAKAR SAKRANTI  my hubby's Professional website is launched with  inputs of his better half :)))

So take a look at:

 Today, when 'Sharing is Sexy', i thought  of writing a post on the launch of hubby's website. Signing off now, and thanking God that i could make a tiny contribution to my hubby's professional world. Not a bad way to flag off 2012! What do u think of my labour of love?


  1. Fantstic!! the site is nice and clean.. no clutter, concise, yet perfect! i was smiling thru the post, thinking that this is just the way i would behave if hubby came up with such a request!

  2. Congratulations, a small step for internet but a big leap for you ;)

    1. Thanks Farida..... indeed a BIG leap for us!

  3. @ Anuradha Thanks. May be one day you'll be helping your hubby too :)

  4. Replies
    1. So true.... efforts always pay, one way or the other. Thanks for the wishes :)

  5. Great work Aabha....If you don't mind all I wanna say is - the header picture is not so clear. May be problems with the pixels...You can change or work on the clarity.

    1. Thank you so much for the wishes and the feedback. Will surely keep it in mind and make changes if feasible :)

  6. Congrats...and good luck. The site is impressive.

  7. Hi! Liked the website. Really clean and neat design.
    There are a few things that you probably need to take care of:-
    1. A hit-counter on a company website is usually required. It can be on the back-end, wherein it is not visible to the visitor, but you are informed of the number of visitors.
    2. The enquiry tab has the boxes for names, and when one clicks inside the box, the text "first name" should disappear, but it does not. You might want to change that.

    Anyway, those were my two bits. Hope it helps.
    Best of Luck on the website.


    1. Hi Santosh and welcome to my Blog. thanks for your suggestions and review of the newly launched website. I agree we need a Hit counter, but did not know it could be put at back end :). As for the name field, ill surely look into it.

  8. congratulation, will visti the website too :)
    but that is a wrong url you have put .. :) is it or have i opened someone elses webpage :)

    THe login page is throwing a error , page not found ..
    and also the Home and login Icons are showing twoce on the pages , the one on bottom doesnot have urls set for them , so they do nothing .. :)

    This is I hope your website i am commenting , if not then I am sorry cluttering your comment space .. :)


  9. Hi Bikram.... GOOD to see u here!

    Yes . you opened the wrong URL.... it is NOT with ixpress BUT

    with 'e' : s e a i r e x p r e s s .com

    I just opened the website and it is ok. You will see a big ship with containers and SEAIR EXPRESS written in red. On the left hand side is a logo underneath which is written 'since 1990'.

    Do open it and let me know for sure!