Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Russians are Back!

The Russians are back. With a Bang! After a hiatus of nearly six months. For those readers who dont have a clue of what i am talking , do read my post,  posted in June, From Russia With Love.

So why the Homecoming? Lol....

I should have known better. One Click, and the mystery was  revealed.

Its countdown to Christmas!!!

Two websites are selling Christams Trees and accessories

After Translation from Russian  to English, this is what one site displayed :

"Our company has long been producing and selling artificial Christmas trees . We are confident that despite the fact that the Christmas tree is used for no longer than two weeks of the year, its importance in our lives is enormous. Christmas tree - a symbol of the new year. This year, our company has expanded its range of products.
Holiday Tree - is not just a thing, it's a good mood, a kind of positive magnet gathers lyudey.Nasha company cares about every person in Russia, New Year's holidays staying at home, felt the festival. We value living pine trees and Russia are trying to preserve the natural beauty of forests. Therefore, the production of Christmas trees for us, not just business, it is a step towards the conservation of natural wealth. In order for New Year's holiday was a success in the new year does not necessarily drive a dance around the living tree. The artificial holiday tree - the best option: the guests are happy, and the forest alive. We suggest you buy an artificial Christmas tree quality Russian production of the best environmentally friendly domestic and foreign materials".

But hold it, not all sites are about selling Christmas Trees! This one is a site on 'Love'.

Read on ....

Unrequited love - not locked in their grief!

Unrequited love - not locked in their grief!Unrequited love ... or, as it is called - love unrequited. Certainly in the life of each one of us had such a sad story. At all times unrequited love is more common than mutual love. It is impossible to understand what stands in the way of mutual feelings? You live without him, this ideal can not, you're fine with each other come.

The third website was about BODYBUILDING....

The fourth was LOST in transalation. Pehaps 'Google Translate' needs to pull up its socks.....

So, once again we are back to the same question.  why are these commercial Russian websites visiting my Blog???

By now, one thing is clear, if nothing else...... I DESERVE a round trip To Russia!!!


  1. Hilarious ! A roung trip to Russia Yes ,you do deserve it!I remember reading your first post on it .
    Btw my blogger problem solved this morning :)

  2. Kavita, i am glad your tech prob is solved. Its good to see u here. Keep visiting!

  3. Good one. You deserve a round trip To Russia. Even I seem to have a lot of .ru referrals to my blog.
    But what are these sites doing linking to our Blog?

  4. @ magiceye lol...Thanks!

    @ Leo Wish i knew the answer..... perhaps the mystery will be solved one day. till then we can laugh about it :)