Saturday, December 17, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Debajyoti, a newbie Blogger nominated  me for this award.  I came across his Humor Blog  Post on Indivine.  Just a few months into Blogging, he has a bright future lined up before him.

This is the second Tag category i am doing....

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

                                Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers

                                Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

                                Share 7 Random things about yourself

                                Thank the Blogger who nominated you

                                Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

Networking is good for Blogging and here i aim to bring Bloggers whom i enjoy reading on a regular basis and some which i  have recently discovered barring a few old ones....

Kiran Manral

Ritu Lalit

Shail Mohan

Shilpa Garg

Alka Gurha

Saru Singhal

Indian Home Maker

Purba Ray


Kavita Saharia

Sudha Ganpati


Suranga Date

Joshi Daniel

Mani Padma

Besides these 15 Bloggers, there are so many more i read and enjoy.... hope to Tag them next time. so, don't be sad if you don't see yourself in this list :)

Now those 7 random things about me:

I did part of my schooling from Africa

My all time  favorite dessert is Mango ice cream

Love meeting people and am a good host

I feel blessed to have my parents living so near to my home

Have no patience for elaborate shopping [much to the regret of my daughters :)]

I taught in school for about 5 years

Love the adventure that Travel brings

This brings me to the end of this post..... Thank you Debajyoti Ghosh for this award!

Happy tagging and get started!!!


  1. Thank You Abha!! Delighted to be in this list!! :D Now I must pass it to fifteen bloggers... and list seven random facts about me!

  2. Congrats and thank you. No wonder you are a good host. And,it's always a blessing to live near parents...:)

    I am truly honored...Thanks,once again:)

  3. Wow!! That's so wonderful. Thanks you, Abha for this!!
    Got to know some more about you through the 7 random things!! Cool :)

  4. Oh Wow ! You made my day ! Thank you so much Abha,it is an honor to be in this list :):)

  5. @ IHM Yes . look forward to those 7 things :)

    @ Saru Look forward to those 7 things.

    @ shilpa Noe for ur 7 things :)

    @ Kavita am glad i made ur day :)

  6. Thank you so much, such a sweet gesture and such an honour to be in this prestigious list! Many many thanks :):)

  7. Thanks a ton Abha...I know another fact abt you...You have got lovely daughters..saw the pics on FB.

  8. A Arti U r welcome

    @ Alka Thanks for the compliment about my daughters :) and u r welcome

  9. Thank you so much, Abha, for this honour and for being considered as a versatile blogger :-))))

  10. Nice to read about 7 random things about you!

  11. I was late, but here is my post:

    And thank you for the award! :)

  12. @ Sudhagee U r welcome!

    @Joshi welcome!

    @ Rachna Thanks!

    @ Shail Read and commented !