Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nostalgia for Zambia

Childhood memories are always special.  Every nook  and corner where one has walked
 and experienced life has a different meaning altogether from our adult life.

While checking on the  Traffic Sources in my Blog i came across Google's South Africa
 referring site, and i assume za probably stands for Zambia.  This set in motion
 memories more than three decades old.  I lived in Mongu from Mid 1976 to mid 1980.

 This picture was taken in December 1979  in the Campus of Holy Cross Secondary
 School in Mongu,the Head quarters of Western province in Zambia where i lived
 for four years,completing my Senior Cambridge. Mongu is a town by the banks
 of Zambezi river.

I remember only a few names: Caroline Lee Morgetts, Ivy Gould, Diana, Lubinda Mbulai,  Agnes Manbolwa Ketembo.

Mr Morraes was the Principal and a host of other teachers and sisters were there. 
 Mr Nyoni,our maths teacher, Sr Perpetua our English Langurage and
 Literature teacher, Mr Martin Bassant our Science teacher, Mr Grier our
 Geography teacher and Class Teacher.

If anyone of you in the pictures reads this Blog, do get in touch with me.  I
 would love to walk down memory lane and make contact 
and renew ties with Mongu.

Here's wishing myself Good Luck!!