Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daffodils turns One!!!

I cant believe it! Its happening now. My Blog DAFFODILS turns one today.  I never planned to be a Blogger.  I was  aware of the Blogosphere by a couple of Bloggers who were my friends from the virtual world and the ties went back to Orkut days.

After my first ever trip to Vaishno Devi in March 2010, i was overwhelmed by the experience and wanted  to share it.  Thus  began my Blogging journey with my first post, 'My Purpose'.

At that time i didn'thave a clue to what would unfold in the coming days.   But slowly i found  the inclination to write more posts and today  while my blog turns one i have written 53 posts. For someone who didn't know the difference  between a Blog hosting site like Wordpress and Blogger , and Blog promoting sites like Indiblogger and Blogadda it has been an enlightening  experience, unravelling the Blogosphere. Along the way i discovered the magic word 'widget' which would enhance the functional and  visual aspect of my Blog.

I participated in several contests and won a few laurels too.  The first ever was my Blog being included in the Mommy Blogger list on Mothers Day in 2010 by Indusladies, and a few others . Undoubtedly these awards  were a motivating factor.

But it has not just been a year of Blogging, but a year of commenting and reading fellow Blogger's post too.  And how can i forget the brand new pack of  Blogger friends i have made in the process.

During the past year  i witnessed several events.  The Blogger premier league BPL hosted by Ginger Chai of which i could be a part only in the beginning as  my Mum was hospitalised.  But i t was gr8 fun coordinating with my team members of Blue  Ink Society and reading the prize winning entries. But perhaps the most exciting part of the whole blogging experience was attending  the Indiblogger Meet in Delhi in December 2010. I shared my experience in the post  Delhi Indiblogger Meet.

And now, Daffodils is a part of my life. A  place  where i can share personal experiences, write a travel diary or post a memoir, or state an opinion.

But while there is reason to be jubilant, there is also reason to pause and ponder. For, Blogosphere is under attack.  As bloggers we are all aware of the dark cloud hanging over its future.  The Ministry of Information Technology is threatening to clip wings of bloggers.  They have already labelled bloggers as 'intermediaries' which means that any comment posted on my blog becomes my legal responsibility.  Already bloggers have blogged about this. Understandably, this proposal has come under sever criticism by legal experts and the online community,  as the govt is liable to block websites if it chooses to. So  let us keep our fingers crossed that freedom of speech will not be taken away and should that happen, bloggers will unite and put up a brave fight.

At this juncture i want to thank all the visitors to my Blog and especially my fellow bloggers who have been both a motivation and a source of encouragement.  So keep visiting, keep commenting and lets walk together in the future too.