Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Navratri : Vrat ke Chawal

Ingredients : 

1 katori vrat ke chawal

3 and half katori water

Half tsp Jeera

1 Tbsp refined oil

pinch of turmeric powder

Method : 

Soak chawal for half an hour 

Add refined oil in a pan and allow to get hot

Add jeera and allow to sputter

Now add  water and then rice.

Add turmeric  powder 

Bring the rice to boil.

Reduce the flame and  cover with lid.

Heat till water is completely soaked and the rice is cooked.

Serve with Kheera Raita

Navratri : Kuttu ki Roti

 Ingredients : 

1  samll katori  Kuttu ka atta

2 grated, boiled potatoes

For Aloo Sabzi : 

4 boiled potatoes

Kadi pata leaves


 a little turmeric powder

salt to taste

Method for Roti  : 

Mix  grated boiled potatoes with kuttu ka atta  and knead a dough.

Make rotis with the kneaded atta, applying oil just as we make parathas.

Aloo Sabzi

Cut  Boiled potatoes into small cubes

Add oil in a kadahi and add 2 tbs refined oil

Add mustard and allow to sputter

Now add kadi patta and diced potatoes.

Add turmeric and salt and mix well

Allow to cook for  2 mins

Add  1 cup water and bring the vegetable to boil.

Simmer for 3 mins.

Serve Sabzi with Kuttu ki roti

Navratri : Saboo Dana Kheer

Ingredients : 

Half katori saboo dana  

1.5 litre milk

3 tbsp sugar

Method : 

Soak Saboo dana overnight

Drain water and separate the soaked saboo dana.

In a pan heat milk

Add sugar

Now add soaked saboo dana

Bring the milk to boil and then allow to simmer for 20 minutes till saboo dana is cooked

Chill in fridge and serve

Wordless Wednesday 3