Thursday, April 7, 2011

With You, Anna Hazare

I never planned to experience the Anna Hazare movement, though i am full of reverence and admiration for this great Indian and his commendable efforts to Pass the Anti Corruption Bill.

A friend sent me an invite on Facebook which set me thinking on those lines. But when my younger daughter asked me to accompany her to Greater Kailash to buy clothes for her impending Graduation Farewell party, the deal was clinched. Go to Delhi and not go to Jantar Mantar? Impossible!

So we went to Greater Kailash . Post shopping and lunch we headed for Jantar Mantar. It was already 2 p.m. and the sun was shining brightly overhead. It was a decidedly hot April afternoon. But the crowd gathered paid no heed to the soaring mercury. Everyone present there had come to witness, experience and above all express Solidarity with the great Anna.

While i didint mange to get a glimpse of the leader, i tried to catch the mood and spirit of the movement. Take a look

The starting point.....

As i was leaving, i came across this man who had come with his daughter. They were both sporting yellow badges.

Putting pressure on the PM :

" You came to express solidarity with Anna?" i asked.

"Definitely. Yes definitely. I am a teacher and i am spreading awareness. Enough is enough", He replied.

So Annaji, the whole of NCR is with you in flesh, and the entire nation is with you in spirits. Here is praying that the Bill is approved and you can end you fast and take a nourishing meal. Take care of your health, as India needs you for many more issues. Good Luck!