Saturday, June 11, 2011

As You Turn 21, Surbhi

The Countdown begins.  In Ten hours from now  we will witness a momentous occasion.  What is so special about this occasion? Tomorrow is June 12, 2011. It is hard to believe that my younger daughter turns 21 today. True, its happening today!

When your sister turned 21, i wasn't a blogger. But now I am. so I have decided to convey my feelings today via this post.Hope you'll like it :)

You were born in peak of summers. I couldn't eat properly that last few months while i was carrying you, hence you were not as weighty as your sister who was a good 9 pounds.But right from the first day, you knew how to call for attention. Every time you were hungry or wet, you cried lustfully, making me leave everything and attend to you.

Unlike your sister you grew up on milk and less of solids. perhaps that explains your slim and delicate frame. I am still waiting for the day you'll put on a few kilos.

As you grew up you took a liking to dahi chawal. Mum would always make it a point to have this dish at home whenever we visited her. At times i  would be worried whether  you would ever develop a liking for pulses and vegetables but you eat almost everything now.This was the first of many surprised you would give me.

You were an average child academically and had problems learning Social Studies in class 10th. I was very worried about this but you surprised us once again by clearing the boards. I remember hugging you in the Cyber cafe where we checked the result and lifting you and saying... " i don't care about the score. I am so happy you made it".

Like your sister you opted for Commerce.  And in your Senior secondary results you scored a high first division, once again surprising us all. I remember going to the Yum Yum Tree in Friends colony to celebrate your result.

As you were so frail, i was always overtly protective of you. I never thought you would be able to learn riding a bicycle but you did. Having done that i was pretty sure your frail constitution and light weight would not allow you to ride a two wheeler. But you proved me wrong. Having done that i was once again skeptical that you would have the confidence to drive a car, but you proved me wrong yet again. Here, a word of caution. Drive safe. Drive slow.

Your creative skills were brought to the fore when you gave a Dhamaka performance at Nana Nani's golden anniversary. You conceived, choreographed a solo performance to Bollywood songs. You looked awesome in the fuchsia lehnga choli and i was thrilled to bits at your performance . So was everyone else present there.

Your networking skills gave your sister her first break in Ramp Walk Modelling. thanks to you, your sister walked the ramp at the NIFT annual convocation. Boy, were we all so excited!

Recently you took part in your Univ's Annual fest and won prizes too. Your  many colorfully designed certificates will always be  a wonderful memory of that.

Your affinity for the computer, your investigative streak is responsible for you being tech and gizmo Savvy. What would your sis and i do if your weren't around?

Your fondness for dogs, your natural affinity for babies and children, your inclination towards cooking are all gr8 interests. And your weakness for chocolates brings out the child in you.

During you graduation you enjoyed univ life to max. going to Delhi and other hot spots of NCR was very much a part of your Univ life. I know , all those pics you took of your friends will be cherished for life.

Your soft, pure heart is God's gift. As you grow older, you'll become wiser and seasoned. But never let the child within you get lost in life's maze.

You are through with your final semester exams and once the results are out, you'll be a certified Graduate.

You have already chosen your vocation and start your further studies in three weeks from now. Your wish of Studying in Delhi has come true.

On your 21st birthday i would like  you to make note of these 10 things:

1. Believe in yourself.

2.  Believe in the almighty and form a beautiful strong relationship with God, based on absolute Faith.

3.  Believe in your dreams. Some will come true and some  might not. But a life without dreams is meaningless.

4.  You have many friend and will  make many more in the journey of life.  But remember that your relationship with your only sister is as fool proof as granite.

5.  Your  Time management and  organizational skills are great.  Make sure it gets only better.

6.  It is fine to go to beauty parlous and spas to pamper yourself.  But to have good skin and healthy hair and good health, drink lots of water to flush out toxins from the body.

7. Have seasonal fruits  in between  meals and  always eat a generous helping of salads.

8.  Cultivate the habit of reading.  Be aware of what's happening around you and the world.

9.  Always  Be Positive.  Even during times of distress believe in God.  Visit Temples regularly especially when stressed out, to gain peace, calmness and strength,  and move ahead in life with positivity.

10.  Remember you are born a woman.  And we are known to nurture life and relationships.  Always believe in giving more than expecting in return.  Life will surely come a full circle.

Today, I am so proud to be your Mum. Truly blessed to have a daughter like you. I know as you grow, you'll mature, and become seasoned. But never ever let the core of your being go away. Keep the softness and purity at heart while you evolve as a human being.

On your 21st birthday you are now, no longer a teen but a young lady! Your Dad and your sis join me praying to the Almighty to bless you today and always. May he guide you in your future studies and later in your job. May you continue to be always special and close to the heart of your loved ones.


 21st BIRTHDAY Surbhi!