Friday, July 22, 2011

Rim jhim rim jhim Rum jhum rum jhum

Rim jhim rim jhim,
 rum jhum rum jhum
bheegi bheegi rut main
tum ham ham tum
chalte hain.....

This Post is inspired by the above Bollywood song, rim jhim rim jhim, from the movie 1942, A  Love story starring Manisha Koirala  and Anil Kapoor.  There are many more rain songs in Bollywood, like rim jhim gire sawwan, sulag sulag jaye man, with Amitabh  Bachhan and Mausmi Chatterjee.

Man's connection with Rains go as afar as civilization.  In almost every civilization the Rain Gods were worshipped  for rains and the Rain God became interwoven with religion, ever since man started farming and water was needed for a successful harvest of crops.

In Greece, rain was controlled by Hyades, a trio of nymphets, who were daughters of Atlas. Rain was, it is said brought abut when their brother Hyas was killed in a hunting Accident, and all three sisters wept with grief.

In Hinduism, people rever Lord Indra, the son of Sky and Earth as the Rain God,

Lord Indra on his elephant Airavata

and believe that Indradhanush , or Rainbow is his arrow.

Tansen,  one of the greatest Indian vocalists, 

composed the Raag Malhar. He was one of the nine jewels in the court of  Akbar.  Akbar bestowed on him the title 'Miyan' Tansen, meaning one who is learned. It is believed that the Raag  Malhar is so powerful that  when sung, Rain falls from the sky.

It is also known through Vedas that he people regularly performed Yagyas  to appease Lord Indra for a good rainfall, which was directly linked to the prosperity of kingdoms in the ancient times.  Even today, pundits perform yagyas in rural areas whenever there is a drought.

In India, the much awaited for Monsoons, the Rainy Season falls between June and September.The monsoons occur duet to the winds from the Indian Ocean carry moisture laden air across the sub continent causing heavy rainfall.

 The world's most dramatic Monsoon occur in India.A weak Monsoon season  may cause  crop failure, drought and hardship for people and  wild life.  A heavy Monsoon may cause floods that kill thousands of people.

The rains bring down the scorching heat of an Indian summer and make the surroundings lush and green.Monsoons can deliver up to 99% of a year's rainfall, and without this , almost a billion people would go hungry.

The world's heaviest rainfall falls in our own country, in the town of Cheerapunji in Assam. In this town as much as 87 feet of rainfall, falls in a year.  

And when it rains cats and dogs, what do we Indians like to do? Make crispy vegetable pakoras or samosas and have it with a pyali of cutting chai.......... rush to nearest vendor

 selling roasted bhutta........... plan an outing to a Water park and get drenched in  a Rain Dance, quite forgetting your age :)....go for a walk in the rain under the safety of an umbrella..... go for a long drive on a remote jamuns...... bite into a juicy dassehri neighbors kids go crazy dancing in the rain.......... go for a movie.........any excuse to step out of the house......... and the possibilities are endless.

Every year while we wait for the Monsoons, we never know just how much rainfall we will have.  Nature is whimsical at times.  Too much or too little can be detrimental to humans.  So let us not alter the Water cycle by being greedy and unconcerned about the  Climate.  global warming is a serious issue and each one of us should feel motivated , not to tamper with Nature.  Lest it be too late and damage may be irrevocable.

So be a concerned citizen and go ahead and do all the crazy things that the Monsoon season makes us do.  Happy Monsoons!