Tuesday, November 29, 2011


By now, every book lover has realized that Flipkart is a blessing.  As it promptly delivers you any book right at your doorstep without a hitch.  Recently my younger daughter gave me the titles of 3 books which her professor had recommended. One of them is 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' by Robin S Sharma.

Sure enough i had heard of this book but somehow never got down to reading it. Probably as  my reading habits had gone for a toss and it is only recently that i am trying to catch up on the best selling  novels, unread by me.

I have purposely named this Post as 'Elation!' instead of  ' A Book Review' as how could i possibly attempt to write a review of an International Best Seller that has sold over 15 million copies and  been translated in over 50 languages?

And yet, i was mighty elated  and thankful to my daughter for making it possible for me to read this book. And sure enough, i  wanted to share my views.  Hence this Post.

The entire novel's message is conveyed through a dialogue between Julian Mantle, a high profile millionaire  Lawyer who turns a Monk after an unexpected Heart attack and his colleague John.  Julian returns from  the Himalayas after spending time with the sages of Savanna and emerging as a Born Again Monk.

While the book is full of inspirational content and several techniques, i liked one advice immensely.

Julian  explains to John,  that the sages of Savanna had created  '5 Step Method  for Attaining Goals'  to reach their objectives  and fulfill the purpose of their lives. Julian advices John to buy a Journal and calls it the Dream Book. He advises  him to fill this book with one's desires, dreams and objectives. For it was only by writing down the goals and knowing oneself that one could successfully achieve ones' life goals.

Julian also talked reverenentially about ONE word that could make a major change over in one's life. : PASSION. He  says," A burning sense of Passion is the most potent fuel for your dreams"

So, what are those 5 steps?  Go and read the book and find out for yourself :)

The novel has a beautiful message on dealing with one's past:

"Every event has a purpose and every setback a lesson. I have realized that failure, whether of the personal, professional or even spiritual kind is essential to personal expansion.  It brings inner growth and a whole host of psychic rewards. Never regret your past.  Rather, embrace it as the teacher that it is."

A few other quotes i liked immensely are;

'Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you".

" People never realize that mind management is the essence of life management".

"When you dedicate yourself to transforming your inner world your life quickly shifts from the ordinary to the realm of the extraordinary".

"By controlling the thoughts that you think and the way you respond to the event of your life, you begin to control your destiny."

Towards the end of the novel, the author talks about the importance of Time management and also the  importance of serving humanity. Believe it or not, i finished the book in half a day!

Truly a magnificent piece of work, that inspires you from the cover to the end. So go ahead and buy your copy today if you haven't already.

Happy Reading and Happy Enlightenment!

Oats Upma

Oats are health foods with multiple benefits. I have to confess we never ate  Oats until my daughter bought a packet of oats home. And  now i am sharing a simple recipe which anyone can make without any difficulty.

But first, the benefits of this amazing cereal.

Good for Heart

One component of the soluble fiber found in oats is beta-glucans, a soluble fiber which has proven effective in lowering blood cholesterol.

Controls Blood Sugar

Oat beta-glucan slows the rise in blood glucose levels following a meal.

Anti Cancer

Oats, like other grains and vegetables, contain hundreds of phytochemicals (plant chemicals). Many phytochemicals are thought to reduce a person's risk of getting cancer.

Blood Pressure

A daily serving of whole oats rich in soluble fibre can reduce hypertension, or high blood pressure, and so reduce the need for anti-hypertensive medication.

Bowel movements

Oats have a high fiber content. Fiber is necessary in keeping bowel movements regular. Oats are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water. It is spongy and absorbs many times its own weight of liquid. It makes stools heavier and speeds their passage through the gut, relieving constipation.

Weight Loss

As the soluble fiber of oats is digested, it forms a gel, which causes the viscosity of the contents of the stomach and small intestine to be increased. The gel delays stomach emptying making you feel full longer which helps with weight loss. 

Athletic Performance

Oats, like other cereal grains, are valued primarily as a source of carbohydrates which provide calories for energy needs.


They contain a good balance of essential fatty acids, which have been linked with longevity and general good health, and also have one of the best amino acid profiles of any grain

Oats Upma

A simple, easy to make recipe , perfect for Breakfast. and a gr8 way to start your day with the health benefits of Oats.


1 katori white Oats

One onion diced

Half katori  diced carrots

Half katori cauliflower cut into small pieces

2 Tablespoon refined Oil

5 cloves

1 teaspoon grated ginger

3 katori water

Salt as per taste


Heat oil in a kadai

Add cloves and allow to sputter.  Add ginger and fry for 1 minute

Add onions and saute till they turn pink

Now add carrots, 

and cauliflower.  Stir continuously and cover with lid and allow to cook for 3 minutes.

Now add water.

Add salt and add the oats into the kadai.

Cook  for 5 minutes or till oats soak the water.  

Serve Hot!

So, try out this recipe.  I am  sure your family will love it.  You may add more veggies as per your taste.


As Diwali arrives, so does the season of Nuts.  It is mandatory to serve nuts to guests on Diwali, and the practice continues through winters. During  Winters, the grocery stores stack a variety of nuts. In Winters, they make popular snacks, though have to be eaten in moderation.

Nuts are nutritional powerhouses,  packed in tiny package, but high in calories. They have high protein and fiber content. If you add nuts to your diet, you'll want to cut back on something else. Substitute nuts for chips or cookies, and avoid nuts that are fried in oil or loaded with salt.

So, what are the health benefits of eating Nuts?

1.  Nuts are good for your Heart:

          Most nuts contain the following substances

  • Unsaturated fats. It's not entirely clear why, but it's thought that the "good" fats in nuts — both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats — lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. Many nuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are a healthy form of fatty acids that seem to help your heart by, among other things, preventing dangerous heart rhythms that can lead to heart attacks. Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in many kinds of fish, but nuts are one of the best plant-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Fiber. All nuts contain fiber, which helps lower your cholesterol. Fiber also makes you feel full, so you eat less. Fiber is also thought to play a role in preventing diabetes.
  • Vitamin E. Vitamin E may help stop the development of plaques in your arteries, which can narrow them. Plaque development in your arteries can lead to chest pain, coronary artery disease or a heart attack.
  • Plant sterols. Some nuts contain plant sterols, a substance that can help lower your cholesterol. Plant sterols are often added to products like margarine and orange juice for additional health benefits, but sterols occur naturally in nuts.
  • L-arginine. Nuts are also a source of l-arginine, which is a substance that may help improve the health of your artery walls by making them more flexible and less prone to blood clots that can block blood flow.
2.  Nuts reduce Cancer risk

Some nuts contain special compounds that don't exist in other food or exist in other foods in very limited amount. These special compounds exert special health functions in our body. For example, peanuts contain high concentration of phytosterols.
Phytosterols protect against cancer by several means. These include inhibiting cell division, stimulating tumor cells death and modifying some of the hormones that are essential to tumor growth.

Nuts also contain Selenium which is needed to fight cancer.

3. Controlling Body weight
Studies show that nuts contain a number of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and antioxidants which are all important for any healthy weight loss program. The fat and fiber content in nuts make them very filling and satisfying and so people tend not to overeat them. Studies have shown that eating small amounts of nuts help people lose weight.

Benefits of various nuts:


These are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Also contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and copper. Walnuts can help to lower the harmful LDL cholesterol.


Almonds contain good amounts of Calcium, Magnesuium, Vitamin E,Zinc and Phytochemicals which help to protect against Heart diseases and fight Cancer.

Cashew nuts

These contain good amounts of Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorus.  Also contain some amount of Iron.

Pistachio Nut

They contain good amount of Vitamin B, along with Protein and fiber.


They contain protein, fiber, thiamine, niacin and zinc in good amounts.

Ways to use nuts in your diet:

As a snack between meals

Garnish on desserts, ingredients in salads, topping on breakfast cereals and in milkshakes.
As a snack, a handful of roasted nuts can beat hunger because of the protein and fat content.
So for good nutrition, long life and better health, make nuts as part of your balanced diet.