Thursday, December 8, 2011


Its been some time since i did a Tagged Post.  So why not again?  Am all game for this...

Here is  how this  Tag works:


1) Blogger is nominated to take part

2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
The links are:
- Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part. 

4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers 

5) And the Tag goes on.....

Here i go with my LINKS:

MY most Beautiful Post:

Little Moments of Happiness 

This is one of my Beautiful Posts.Cos Happiness is mandatory for a life full of contentment, and this post shares those little things we should be thankful for in life.

My most Popular Post:

As You Turn 21 Surbhi

This post was an overflow of a Mother's love for her daughter turning 21.  My daughter's friends were surprised a the extent i understood my daughter. Many claimed to have become my "Fan"!

My most Controversial Post

50th Post ; Enigmatic Women

This post albeit one of my Popular posts, is also a contoversila one.  As a few readers did not agree with my choice.  I selected these women not necessarily for their goodness, but for the enigma surrounding these women.  Some alive and some dug from History.

My most Helpful Post:  

Understanding Breast Cancer

Understandably this was a well researched post, meant to create awareness about Breast Cancer.

A post whose success surprised me:

Rim jhim rim jhim Rum jhum rum jhum

I never expected this post to have so many views.  It proves one thing for sure.  Not matter how tech savvy our lives become, nature will never fail to inspire us.  And who doesn't like to frolic in the rains!

A post i feel didn't  get the attention it deserved :

Inspiration or Addiction?

This post was to debate on the influence of Internet on our lives. Is Internet a boon or  something that has gnawed on our relationships due to the immense influence of the virtual world.

A post i am most Proud of:

My Father's Daughter

This is one Post i am proud of.  I am happy i could pay tribute to My Dad, who was instrumental in shaping my personality.  Love u Dad!

And now that i have dug into my 104 Posts and hand picked 7 of my best, i pass on the baton to 5 Fellow Bloggers:

Shail: Her introduction, "...Take your pick and be bored to death" defies the writing talent in her.  From poetry to prose on social issues, she posts it all.
Zephyr: A self proclaimed nag who started off by  nagging her son through emails made the smooth transition to the cyber world.  Equipped with a razor sharp memory, sheddelves into her past and present and posts on family and social issues.

Shilpa: Am avoid blogger with close to 400 posts, she is a prominent face in Blogoshpere.  Read her 'Ten on Tuesday" posts and more.

Alka Gurha: Her tag line says,  " Mostly contemplative, sometimes reflective but always tongue-in-cheek.  Besides writing to escape from mundane, she expresses her views on current affairs and more.

Obsessivemum:  A woman who admits to being an obsessive Mum to her adorable twins.  She even has a meter which regularly monitors her twins age, right down to the  countdown to their  next birthdays. You'll find ample tips on Parenting, Books and more here.

So here you go.... hope you enjoyed my 7 Posts!