Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mum's PINNI Recipe

For a few days now, a  thought had been nagging me.'Promise breaker is a shoe  maker'.  Now what does this have to do with Mum's PINNI Recipe, you might ask.  It has, it has for sure.  Ill reveal in a little while....

Come Winters, every Punjabi household gears up for that very sweet winter speicality PINNI.  Dadis, Nanis and proud Homemakers will make this  in a jiffy.  And me? Well, i am  happy dividing my time between the kitchen and the PC :))).   And since Mum is only too happy sending  me home made food, i  can afford to be lazy at times.

And yet, i did this Photo Recipe today, to keep a promise i had made to someone.

So without delay, lets get on with the Recipe.


Regular Wheat Flour    1 Katori

Refined Oil   2 Table spoons

Desi ghee          3/4 katori

Ground Sugar      1 Katori

 Coarsely cut almonds     1 Katori

Sliced Cashesnuts       around 20

Crushed Cardamom seeds


Heat Oil in a kadai.

Add the flour and keep stirring till it starts to change color.

Add ghee and stir for a few more minutes till the color changes to light brown and you can distinctly smell the roasted flour.

Now add powdered sugar and cut almonds,.

Keep stirring for a  minute  till the ingredients have blended well.

When almost  done, add crushed cadamom seeds for flavor.

Allow the mixture to cool for 5 minutes or till it wont burn your  fingers. It'll become slightly hard as it cools, just convenient to roll  into Pinnis.

With the mixture still warm and soft, take small piecce  and roll in your hands to a perfect  PINNI.

Decorate each PINNI with a sliced almond.

Mum's PINNI is ready!

Thank you Mum for sharing this with me.

 Your sending these especially  for Surbhi inspired me to learn the Recipe myself.

And now about that Promise.  Well, this post is Dedicated to my Blogger friend  Shail Mohan.  Shail, you know why :)

Shail, you can now understand the slight delay about this Post.  I had to coordinate my and Mum's  timings and be free to click photographs.  I hope you like this Virtual sweetness i am sending your way. BTW, do try it at home.  May be L&M just might get impressed!

As for the rest of my readers, if you ever want to impress anyone with a home made sweet with tons of love as ingredient, try this recipe.


  1. Hey those look absolutely yum. .. quite like our atta laddoos. Kids love them too.

    1. Yes, they r made of atta. but we call it PINNI :)

  2. Lovely! Atte ke laddoos. Muh mein paani aa gaya. Thode idhar bhi bhej dijiye :).

    1. Glad u liked them. Come over to Faridabad!

  3. Oh wow wow wow! They look easy to make and yummilicious as well. I am surely going to make them. Thank you so much Aabha for the virtual sweetness sent my way :) You are too sweet :)

    1. Glad u liked the sweetness. So r u...sweet :)

  4. kudos for the efforts put in,keep it up!

  5. I am going to try and let you know how was it, thanks for sharing :)

  6. For diabetics, just replace the 1 katori sugar with half a katori of ZERO and it is a healthy and slightly lighter version of the same. I need to make these, mouthwatering!