Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Take on the Review of 'Daffodils' by The Fool

Well. well the wait is over.

After months of waiting the Review it is finally here.  Check it out HERE

So waht do i think?

The first thing that comes to my mind is it is HONEST and yet i am in disagreement  with the opening line by Oscar Wilde:

 Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly.

I strongly disagree.  Ill explain in a while.

The second thing that comes to my mind is it is a tad BIASED.  I have  nagging  feeling that the Blogger knows much more about my Personal Life ( since this is in many ways a Personal Blog with a dash of other things thrown in).  I expect The  Fool to rave and rant my personal thoughts.  But that is not my style.  I share , sure  enough , within the bountifulness i have set and the comfort zone.  THat is for now.  Tomorrow is another day.  and may be another agenda :)

Now coming to Posts which have SO MUCH to say!!!!

Check out:

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TIME : Main Samay Hoon.............. and others.

and yet, i have to admit that i am THRILLED.  For it is not every day that a  Honest dissection of your Blog is done by an eminent Blogger.

I salute your suggestion:  

"But there is a glass ceiling to the level of achievement possibility for a purely personal blog in terms of traffic or fame. Especially a personal blog without glamour, controversy or comedy! So if the blogger is aiming for greater heights, she should consider specializing and look at taking the blog in a niche direction. Indian society, religion and culture could be one possible niche I can think of. Depending on the chosen niche, work has to start on identifying the right audience, their mindset and their needs. Then the blog must be customized to cater to those requirements. But that’s a choice I would leave to the blogger."

Sir, i indeed value your  thoughts and will spear head  in that direction, once the TIMING is right!!!!

And as a parting short, i am happy that you liked the presentation and over all feel of the Blog. As it is indeed a labor of love :)

THANK YOU so much the Fool.  This is just what i needed to know :))))


  1. Glad you liked my review, Aabha. I am not an ultimate judge on blogging or anything. I just give my views. I just quoted Oscar Wilde. But I have said I don't subscribe to his views. I just read the 5 posts you pointed me and another 6-7 random selections by me. That made me feel that there is more content of personal nature and not so much of general nature. But I did notice a few general interest posts. Sorry if that sounded biased. Will check out the posts you have directed me to. Possibly what I have said is the perception I get. Maybe you should try to ensure your blog does not give that perception if you that is not your intention.

  2. TF, without critics there would be no mirror, no growth, no expansion.

    Yes i value your Review and will work on going beyond Personal reflections.

    Thanks once again !