Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Awesome Amir Khan

Tera rung aisa chadh gaya
Koi aur rang naa chadh sake
Tera naam seene pe likha
Har koi aake padh sakey

Hai junoon hai junoon hai
Tere ishq ka ye junoon hai
Rag rag mein ishq tera daudta
Yeh bawraa sa khoon hai
Tune hi sikhaya sachchaiyon ka matlab
Tere paas aake jaana maine zindagi ka maqsad
Satyamev... satyamev... satyamev jayate
Sachcha hai pyaar tera, satyamev jayate

Tere noor ke dastoor mein
Na ho salwatein na shikan rahe
Meri koshishein toh hai bas yahin
Rahein khushbooein gulshan rahe
Teri zulf suljhane chala
Tere aur paas aane chala
Jahan koi sur na ho be-sura
Woh geet main gaane chala

Tera rang aisa chadh gaya
Tha nasha jo aur bhi badh gaya
Teri barishon ka karam hai ye
Main nikhar Gaya main sanwar gaya
Jaisa bhi hoon apna mujhe
Mujhe ye nahin hai bolna
Qaabil tere main ban sakoo
Mujhe dwaar aisa kholna
Saanson ki iss raftaar ko
Dhadkan ke iss tyohaar ko
Har jeet ko har haar ko
Khud apne iss sansaar ko
Badloonga main tere liye

Mujhe khud ko bhi hai tatolna
Kahin hai kami to hai bolna
Khahin daag hain toh chupayein kyon
Hum sach se nazrein hatayein kyon
Khud ko badalna hai agar
Badloonga main tere liye
Sholon pe chalna hai agar
Chal doonga main tere liye
Mere khoon kee har boond main
Sankalp ho tere pyaar ka
Kato mujhey to too bahe
Ho surkh rang har dhar ka

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Calendar too Crowded : Book Review

Enlightening. That single word expresses what i felt after reading Sagarika Chakraborty's debut novel 'A Calendar too Crowded.'

With a title like ' A Calendar too Crowded' and a speculative profile of a woman for a cover, it might mislead you to think it is a serious collection of women centered stories.  On the contrary, despite touching a diverse set of issues plaguing women today, it comes across a novel with lots of hope.

The novel is a melange of rich stories  detailing a plethora of issues concerning women.   From self sacrificing mothers who will give anything and everything to make their child's dream of a dream career alive, to benefits of breast feeding, the consequences of homelessness resulting in women falling prey to pimps and flesh trade and being sold of for a petty amount, to the poignant relationship between a prostitute and her daughter who miraculously escapes the vicious cycle to become a documentary film maker, Sagarika covers it all.

And that is not all.  There  are stories revealing  marital rape and  domestic violene, Women's equality, the dynamics of a step sibling relationship, the restlessneess  caused by the memory of a pre marriage relationship, which can continue to cast a shadow even after 28 yeara of a good marriage, have all been covered in this collection of short stories.

There is also talks about the PMS and its effects on women.

 Sagarika has also talked about two issues plaguing the modern women.In the story , 'Choices without Options' , where women are abused behind the thick four walls of their homes.

 Then there is  'Rape without Penetration' especially in the glamour industry have to face as for many men 'Being Glamorous' is synonyms with 'Easy'.

 The second,' An Equal Friendship' where Panchali writes a letter to Krishna contradicting  the fact that women are not treated equally in society.  She asserts her skills in warfare,  horse riding, culinary and states that women have been equal to men  since eternity. 

The second story which touched me is 'Selling a Body to Gain a Mind', which outlines the challenges a prostitute faces in giving her  daughter a life free of clutches of her sordid profession.

Of the many issues facing women today, i feel prostitution should be of  top priority.  i feel physical union between a man and a woman should essentially be a manifestation of their emotional and spiritual feelings and not a means of livelihood.  While working towards freeing women from oppression and injustice, surely something can be done to rehabilitate prostitutes form this slavery  and give them an alternative that is one of dignity and happiness.

A must read for every woman.   Go for it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

An Ode to HEER

Tomb of Heer Ranjha

A lovely tribute to HEER by  Punajbi poet Waris Shah, sung by Gurdas Mann, Live in Sydney.


Out of my 3 siblings, i was the only one born in Punjab.  I feel happy that i came to lfe on Punjabi soil and my roots are Punjabi.

Yet i have alasy believed in the beauty of diversity.  perhaps a lot of my belief is due to my childhood.  For i grew up in Bamrauli, CATC , Allahabad where there were people from not only various stated of India, but other religions like Christianity, Islam and Sikhism.

Mum tells me i was born in nani's house in Phagwara.  There was a room, which my Granny referred to as Kothri. I was born in this kothri at 20 minutes past midnight.

Now, Phagwara is on my wish list and i want t set foot on Panjab again.  Hope that happens soon.

Her is a lovely song by Punjabi Sufi poet Bulle Shah, sung by the immensely talented and legendary Gurdas  Mann.


 A Latin phrase says:

Cogito ergo Sum

Which means:

I think, therefore , i am

So, think, and think POSITIVELY

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Morning Inspiration


Sharing a few quotes to inspire you in the morning:

Yesterday i dared to struggle.Today i dare to win.

--Bernadette Devin

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

--Dorothy Thompson

We could never learn to be brave and patient if there was only joy in the world.

--Helen Keller

With courage you will dare to take risk have the strength to be compassionate, the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.

--Keshavan Nair

To dare is to loose one' footing momentarily.  To not dare is to loose oneself.

-Soren Kierkegaard