Friday, May 18, 2012


Out of my 3 siblings, i was the only one born in Punjab.  I feel happy that i came to lfe on Punjabi soil and my roots are Punjabi.

Yet i have alasy believed in the beauty of diversity.  perhaps a lot of my belief is due to my childhood.  For i grew up in Bamrauli, CATC , Allahabad where there were people from not only various stated of India, but other religions like Christianity, Islam and Sikhism.

Mum tells me i was born in nani's house in Phagwara.  There was a room, which my Granny referred to as Kothri. I was born in this kothri at 20 minutes past midnight.

Now, Phagwara is on my wish list and i want t set foot on Panjab again.  Hope that happens soon.

Her is a lovely song by Punjabi Sufi poet Bulle Shah, sung by the immensely talented and legendary Gurdas  Mann.

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