Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy ONAM

Being a North Indian, i have never had a taste of Kerala or its biggest state festival ONAM.  But this year, a friend  told me about the great Onam feast at Kerala House in Delhi.  I visited the venue today with my daughter and had a wonderful experience having an authentic Keralite meal, on a vivid green, jumbo size banana leaf, served with loads of love.

Before sharing the picturess i clicked, i am sharing a status update of a Facebook contact....Durgadas Sampath.

As per popular beleif in Kerala, 

"Bali was a benevolent Asura king and his capital was located in Kerala.He was very powerful and won over Deva Lok (the abode of the gods) also. Indra, the king of Deva’s went to Vishnu for help. Vishnu took the shape of a Dwarf (Vamanavatar) and asks Bali for land to be given as Dhana (charity) which will be covered by three of the Dwarf’s steps.

 Bali knew that god himself had come and is up to some trick. He followed his dharma and agreed to give him land measured by three steps. Vishnu sheds his small (Vaman )size and grew into gigantic proportions ( Vishwarupa).With two steps he covers all the worlds including earth and heavens and hell(Pathala loka)and Bali offers his own head where he could take the last step. Bali thus gets to live in the nether loka forever. The boon given by Vishnu in return for this was that lord Vishnu himself would be his eternal guard .

Lord allows him to come to earth to once in a year to visit his subje
cts .Let us celebrate Onam with happiness and pomp so that Bali goes under the impression that we are all very happy.

Mythology depicts in effect the cultural conditioning on the collective psyche of the social group. Many mythological figures are but identities available as an archetype for human beings to be enacted. Bali represents an identity whose core value can be stated thus

“If you show your smallness (Vamana rupa) I will offer you my bigness and dignify your smallness (by giving you the land)

If you show me your Bigness (Viswa Rupa) I will offer my smallness (my head under your feet)as a surrender to your bigness and dignify you”

By following his Dharma Bali was able to deal with both smallness and bigness.

Butter Milk and Rasam

Desserets : One from Dal and other from Rice

Till, the next feast... wishing all Keralite readers and friends a very HAPPY ONAM :)

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