Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Victorious TRUTH

With a million dreams
She crossed the threshold
Totally unawares
Of the ways of the world

Not one to give up easily
She threw her heart and soul to  build her nest
Cos all she wanted wanted
Was a life like everyone else

As the picture became clearer day by day
The tears became more frequent
Yet she held on to her belief
Until one day she decided she had had enough

A decade later
Another journey of a decade began
Frought with 
Darkness and demons

And then One day
She finally saw the sunlight
 After the bitter cold tunnel
And God resurrected her FAITH

With a twinkle in her eye
A lightness in her heart
She grew in all dimensions
Giving and sharing joy

But her heart ached
To touch the sunlight
Which was certainly not a mirage
And yet out of her reach

Then courage dawned
Once again
And today she has walked on the ambers
Burnt, hurt, but full of Hope

Today she begins her journey
Once again
Finally having woken up
To the ways of the world

Today she is content
That Truth emerged victorious
Perhaps her only mistake was
Seeing  the good in all the bad

She now stands Tall, Pure, Untainted, Unsqauashable
And she is free of all  shackles
Standing once again on the threshold
For the FINAL Act of her life.


  1. this is so good....the last line implies so much ...something different to every reader to interpret!!

  2. Amazing! She is in all of us :)