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PHAGWARA Finale : CHERRY on the Top

 On the main road near the Bus stand is a landmark, HANDA City centre.

The Sukh Chain Gurudwara

The Sarovar in the Sukh Chain Gurdwara

Next we visited the GITA Bhawan in Model Town.

A quite common roof top prop that can be seen in the town....

The message in Punjabi by Traffic Police says :

Helmet Zaroori

Na Ki Majboori

Having completed the sightseeing we went back to the Hotel.  half an hour later my daughter informed me that her friend was waiting downstairs.   my decisona nd said, Let's go!

Even though i wanted to rest, courtesy demande that i meet him.  so i weent down to the reception.  As i tried to take leave, seending off the girls for  mores sightseeing, he inisted that i too come, saying;

'why dont you round up your trip?'

There was a good natured enthurisn and ernestness about him.  So in two secins i changed

my decision and siad Let's go.

He commutes everyday from jallandhar to phaggwara at GIT IMT in 

company cab.  But the especailly brought his VW car to take us around.

And tghus began the surprises, rolling on one by one....

As we headed towards the Phagwara Jallandhar Highway, he pressed the accelttor ando the building on the left.

we zoomed on the G T Karnal Road.

This is Lovely professional University , he pointed to the building on the left.

It  is in Jallandandhar? i enquird incrdulously?

'Yes".  It has study centred all over Punjab and in Phagwara too.


Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a private semi-residential university created under the state government private university act. LPU claims to be the largest private university in India in terms of number of students on a single campus and is situated on 600+ acres of green area on NH-1 at the entry of Jalandhar city. The university has more than 25,000 students from 26 states and 16 countries.
It is a residential university with separate hostels for boys and girls housing more than 15,000 students.
LPU provides education through more than 150 doctorate, post graduate, graduate and diploma programmes in a variety of disciplines.
Lovely Professional University has tied with international universities for twinning programs and international exposure programs.

Five minutes later he took a U turn on the Highway and we headed towards VIVA COLLAGE Mall,  in Jallandhar Highway.

As he drove towards the underground parking,  a Female security gauard stopped us.  Yhis felt almost like home.  I felt i was in Interior mall in Faridabad.

We took the lift to the Ground floor.  As i walked out, the first brand that i saw was TISSOT.

And as we explored i saw BIBA, MADAME, MENNA BAZAAR, ADDIDAS and many other more.

A Unique name U V &W caught my attention.

Amit told me it was a brand from ludhiana, specializinf in marketing certified organic clothings, the first to do so in India.  Jallandhar had beten Delhi!

After exploring the floors we headed for the top floor and i was in for another surprise.

A colorful food court with the SHUDH Brand  oulets beame in front of us.

Shudh Restaurant is the home of Pure Vegetarian cuisine, North India's first Multi Cuisine food chain.

It had SUPER TAMBI, south Indian Cuisine, AMCHI MUMBAI, Mumbaiya food.

We decide to go light and go ffor juices.

As we sipped our juice,  i found the ambience so very differnt from anything i had seen in Phagwara.

so, where is the crowd from? Phagwara r jallandhar?



The young crowd is all from Lovely profesional university.  The families are mostly from Jallandhar.

I watched  amusedly, as a group of young boys helped theemselves to dosa from Tambi, while a couple  oredered batata vada and burger from amchi mumbai.

 We drove out of the Mall , towards Phagwara, a bare five minutes drive.  Amit now tok us to HAVELI.

Amit Chawla  with my daughters

The HAVELI  has an open front courtyard with  brick seating arrangement.  A well with a rope and a bucket is the center of attraction for kids.

Inside the restaurant is authentic, ethnic Punajbi home decor.  With angithi  and huge tava, a parked truck, glass bangles embedded in the wall, manjis, hookahs, and more.

Adjacent to the haveli is the RANGLA PUNJAB, where you have live orchestra and food.  We could not spend time at Rangla Punjab as we hd to head to the hotel.  

In all, the ambiance of the place was a  mix of Dilli Haat, Pind Baluchi, but at a much lavish and grander scale,

There is a small Muisc shop outside Haveli.

I bought two CDs.

There is also handicraft shop ares which sells everything from gramophones, hookahs to paintings depicting life from Punjab.

As we approached our hotel, there was a Liv DJ in a restaurant which had caught my attention. The name of the rstaurnat was : Cafe de paris'.

there was a pandal and young girls were performing to the punabi songs.

In a flash i  realized this was Deja vu!

i was transportd to the time when i wass 12 years old and had attnded an open air concert.  Yhere a sprightly punjabi girl had sunf a hugely popular Punajbi flolk song;

Jutti meri jaandi hai pahdiye  de naal

te paula mera jaanda hai sadogre the naal

hoi jutti meri!

hoi jutti meri!

If the Haveli and Rangla Punjab along with VIVA Collage mall was the icing on the cake, the show at Cafe de Paris was the CHERRY!

On reaching the Hotel, Amit took leave fro us .  I thanked him for the he most enjoyable part of my stay in Phagwara.

he next morning we were up early and by 4.15 am we were ready to dive back to Delhi.  as we sat in the car, soothing strains of Gurbani filled the air, even though it was pitch dark and the street lights were on.

As we approached the Toll counter, just a few kms away from Ludhiana, i noticed the quote on the back of a car"


This three worded message, seen early in the morning on the highway, summed up the Punjab experiences for me.

A  broad smile came across my face.  I knew this was one trip my daughters would cherish.

for me, undoubtedly the high point of the trip was standing in the godown of he Gupta Book shop where

e i was born and visiting the Phagwara Railway station where my Nana had worked more than half a century ago.

Iill be back again, Phagwara!

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