Wednesday, October 17, 2012


How does a once upon-a-time teacher turned   SAHM  ( Stay At Home Mum) get  invited to visit a world class Corporate office?

Via Blogging!

Thanks to my two and half years of Blogging, i got an invitation to attend a You Tube sponsored V Blogging meet at none other than the IT Giant Goggle's corporate office in cyber city, Gurgaon.

Attending the meet was an eye opener, both to the benefits of V Blogging and owning a channel on You Tube, broadcasting yourself to the world and becoming overnite sensations like Shraddha and

I got to experience the Google working environment.  This is just one of the many ways Blogging has benefited me and changed my life.

Two and a half years ago when i decided to blog about my first ever visit to a famous shrine in North India, Vaishno  Devi, i had not the faintest ideas where i was headed or what Blogging would unfold for me a s a person.

After  writing my first post, i discovered a new world called 'Blogoshpere'.

So much so that after a considerable stint of blogging  i graduated from writing travel posts, photo blogs and 'Yoghurt Please' posts to stating my views by blogging about ' Designing the Future' for the Ink Conference  Blogging contest on  Blogadda.

Oh Yes!.  Blogging opened the vistas of my mind. In the quest of yet another interesting post, i always stretched my thinking capacity, combining  my views, experiences with research to churn out posts.

today i am writing my 204th post.    So what exactly has been the journey like?  What did i gain in the process?  Hoe did it change me?

Let me share the multifarious ways in which Blogging added value and meaning  to my life.

# Blogging refines your writing skills
 It fine tunes your writing ability to the point where you get to having your own unique style of writing.You gradually learn to master the craft of writing interesting post and  becoming an accomplished  writer   Just as it happened in my case.  My first book is soon to be released and i cant wait how THAT will change my life!

# It increases your knowledge base

In order to write about any topic you have to know the background, the current facts and so on.   So Blogging helps you know more . even at time pushing up your IQ.

#You become a good researcher

Thanks to Research tools Of Google and Knowledge banks like Wikipedia , about. com etc you can  easily research your writing adding depth and quality to it.

# It earns you name.

You get visibility. You get appreciation. You get acknowledged.
Your readers get to know your likes and dislikes, your thoughts  and opinions and you stand out in the Blogosphere with your very own niche.

# It connects you with potential Bloggers. Excellent for Networking.

The interaction through comments on your blogs and committing on other blogger posts  build a network of bloggers.  And with Forums like INDIBLOGGER you get to attend meets where you can have one to one interaction with a room full of Bloggers. Just last Sunday i had the most terrific time, attending a Pantene Indiblogger meet and meeting old and new bloggers.

#It motivates you.

The lure of writing a good post, for your Blog or for a competition  motivates you to  write more.

# You become well read

In order to writ well, you must read a lot.  Even Stephen King will vouch for that.  Post my Blogging my  i have read more than i did when i wasn't blogging.  In fact my Library is welling with books ready to be read.

#. Your memory will improve

Exercising the brain through writing and learning will provide much needed exercise for the neurons. The mind needs stimulation and activity as well to be mind fit. 

# Improves your creativity

You learnt o be more creative, using facts and scenarios  from your experience ,  weaving it into your writing.  Not to mention , honing your computer skills, like making your very own pictures in Photoshop to accompany your posts .

# Builds focus

The comments and interaction about your Blogging will amplify your mind. The global feedback gives you an edge, pushing your writing more and more to perfection and having the capacity to engage the reader.

# It gives you a platform

You get an audience and have your say.  Nothing can be more fulfilling to be able to reach out to the world sitting in one place.

# Moves you out of comfort zone.  

The pull of being read, being acknowledged  being able to voice your opinion pulls you out of the comfort zone, making your exercising  your  brain in a mental  drill.

# Makes you a better thinker.

With an onslaught of ideas floating around, in contests or otherwise  you are led into the thinking process to  have your thoughts emerge with clarity.

# makes you a better listener

it is always interesting to know other people's  perspectives about the same  topic

# Blogging allows your thoughts and ideas to influence 24*7

Even as you sleep, your Blog is being read at any point of time by someone out  there  in the remotest  corner of the world.  Today my Blog has a reach to 139 countries.

Besides the above benefits, i feel the  THREE GREATEST  benefits have been:

A journey of Self discovery.

When i started blogging, i went into my past  my childhood, my thoughts sand came out with posts i could never have imagined.  Like in my post 'My father's daughter' i went into my subconscious mind and realized how my father  had shaped my personality as a young woman.

In my post  'As you turn  21 Surbhi' my thoughts about the growing up years and the anxiety of a  mother crystallised.

 I am sure i would have never ventured  into these thought but for  blogging about this.

Although i like poetry i had never written  a single poem till recently   And Blogging gave way to  my writing two poems. one of them being  'The Victorious Truth'.   Who knows, i may end up writing more :)


Everyone know writing is a cathartic experiences   If you get it out of your  chest on to the paper, the healing process has begun.

  In my 200th post i talked about 'OVERCOMING Jealousy'.  and sure, it let off a whole lot of baggage i had carreid at the back of my mind for years together.


As you develop your very own personal style, you make a mark uniquely. You band yourself in the eyes of your readers.  

Blogging can increase your personal brand like nothing else. It displays your knowledge and shows the world what you are all about.

Blogging opened up a whole  world  for me.  Today i have interacted with Bloggers and writers, something which was never  a part of my life before Blogging happened to me. It has enriched my life in a  way no formal education could have done.  Sitting in Faridabad  i have interacted with bloggers across the globe.  And participated in Blogging events.   On November 4,  i'll be Blogging about PEACE

, in a initiative  started by Mimi Lenox, where  Bloggers from across the world will Blog on one single day for the benefit of mankind.

Blogging is Awesome! It has changed me, made me a NEW me i never knew existed!

[This post is for a contest organized by Indiblogger in association with WordCampMumbai 2012]


  1. Now that was quite an exhaustive list of benefits you've tagged with this humble word 'blogging'... yes, blogging is indeed awesome!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Arvind for many Blogging is a side hobby, but for me it has become a passion :)

  2. quite a list...surely says a lot about your deep passion for blogging keep them coming ...