Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cheating ,Cheating

Now, now.  You are intrigued.  The title has caught your attention.

Why cheat?  For a GOOD cause.  Let me assure you :)

Curious? You must be!

Ok..... let me enlighten you..........

I am nearing my 200th post.  Just a few posts away from that grand number.  And i have already decided the TOPIC of my 200th post.  BUT, what to do with all these remaining posts which should be written BEFORE reaching thee 200th.

Simple, i just slide  my way through these posts, sleepwalking.  So, THIS is what  i am going to cheat my readers with. :))

Kabhi Kabhi thoda cheating chalta hai.

So, will be posting randomly till i reach my 200th.

Dont. say i didn't warn you :)

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