Monday, October 15, 2012

Indiblogger ROMANCE with PANTENE

"Pantene & IndiBlogger bring you an afternoon of fun, relaxation and blogging!

Let your hair down and kick your feet up at the Pantene Nature Fusion IndiBlogger meet. Come over and celebrate the fusion of Nature & Science with us. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this one."

When i read this information on the Indiblogger website, i felt  i knew it all.  Had seen it all.  Had experienced it all.  After all  this was to be my SIXTH Indiblogger meet, the last one being with the Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, which i had attended in Mumbai.  But this meet  is by far the  BEST of the lot.  And the Indiblogger team, the sponsors Pantene and the  Sheraton Hotel staff came up with a mind blowing experience exclusively for  female Bloggers.

Yes, it was indeed an afternoon of  FUN, RELAXATION and BLOGGING.

There were a total of 6 surprises for me , compared to the previous Indiblogger meets.

As i walked into the  ballroom, it was packed with women seated.  not on chairs but around generous sized round tables covered in sparkling white linen with a center flower arrangement of white roses.  I was seeing white roses after a long long time and the whole ambiance was both charged up with the vitality of women bloggers and a serenity on account of the white color scheme. My FIRST surprise had just begun.

As i register for the event, one of the Indibloggger team members gave me coupon with a number, my SECOND surprises of the day.  This was  for a complementary hair spa experience  in an make shift parlor adjacent to the ballroom.  since i  had walked in quite late, my turn was towards the latter part of the afternoon, and so i  missed having my turn, but  my fellow blogger enjoyed the quick and satisfying  treatment.  ime for Introductions - your 2 minutes 

As i sat down att he table having spotted fellow bloggers, Ritu Lalit, Ruchira and IHM, the activity on the stge just concluded.  It was now time for introductions - your two mintes of fame. Herger  came the third surprise.

Indiblogger  has a unique format for introduction.  On  a screen get displayed the name  and URL of a blogger and you know its your turn tohe screen is the name of the next blogger in line for introduction, so that he gets ready stand up.  right at the bottom of the screen is the name of the next blogger, so that he gets just enough indication tht he is next on line.  But here came the THIRD  surprise .  Against each blogger was written a tag line - tongue twisters which you had to read out at thr end of the introduction, , in your best motive voice.

some of fhe interesting tongue twister and tag lines were :

khadak singh ke khadakane se khadakti hain khirdkiyan, khidkiyon ke khsdkne se khadakta hai Khadak Singh.

Chandu ke chacha ne chsndu ki chachi ko chandani chowk main chandi ke chamach se chatni chatayi.

Ill be back * blush*

Mogambo Khush Hua

But as the introductions progressed, the Indiblogger team got naughtier.  Thrown in were famous dialogues form Bollywood movies.

So when Ritu Lalit stood up t give her intro,  guess what she had to enact:

Basanti in kutton ke samne mat nachana!

 and she said it in a most convincing manner .

Soon after her it was my turn and  as i stood up i couldn't believe my tag line:

Main tumhare bachhe ki maa banane wali hoon

This was a bit too much.  I was in splits laughing my heart out and gave my introduction laughingly too.  Even as i contemplated on what to do with my line. Vineet chipped in:

'You have to say in anger!'

And that was all the prod required.  In good humor i said aggressively;

Main tumhare bacche ki MAAA banane wali hoon!!!

And we all  nded up rolling with laughter.  Trust Indiblogger to come up with that  for that very innovative Intro round.

Post Introductions it was time to get acquainted with the sponsor and their product. Pantene has recently launched a new Sampoo and Conditioner which  has extracts of CASSIA flower an AVOCADO, giving your hair bounce while enriching it with goodness of nature beside having the original Vitamin supplement.

See the tiny yellow flower in Shilpa's hair? It is the Cassia flower, whose seeds are added in the shampoo.

The Hair expert was an international speaker.  An  elegant, posed, knowledgeable young  woman from 

Lais Koelle,   all the way from Brazil

Brazil, now based  living in Singapore. The FOURTH surprise.  She gave  in depth knowledge about the Parent company and the 60 year old journey of Pantene shampoo.

After the product info, it was time for a Quiz.  Anoop who always anchors the meets,  walked up to each table and gave the Bloggers a choice of 2 subjects,  Science or Nature.

At our table we chose Science,    and i won  the prize.  

The question was, 'which insect can turn its head around?

I thought hard and came up with 'PRAYING MANTIS'  which was the correct answer an got this as a prize:

Quiz over we went for Lunch, where  besides the lavish menu, the most popular item was a beetroot salad.

As we returned to out tables, it was time for the main activity and my FIFTH surprise.  In the past in order to encourage networking among bloggers,  we would be given a sheet with a hanging thread and a pen.  We would be encouraged to get as many comments as  possible and the bloggers with maximum comments would win prizes.  This time there was a unique activity.  flower arrangement   

We were asked to get up from out tables and sit on a different table and form teams of 8 bloggers. Each team was given two bags and a vase..  One bag contained fresh flowers: 

Carnations, Roses, Lilies, Bird of Paradise, Daisy, ferns, 

 while the other contained accessories and bits required to make a flower arrangement

While pins, cutter, satin ribbon  rubber bands were common to ll, each time had some unique accessory like a string of pearls , bubble packing paper  or some such  thing.

Our team had two tiny baskets   we also had green shoots with blunt tops.  We hung the little baskets  on top of the shoot.  Now it was time for creativity   we were given words including SHOLAY, GREEN , BANTA ,CASSIA and AINVEY and had to make a cheer slogan/ song/ poem to go with the flower arrangement.

And  guess what our team came up with!

 Hanging little baskets on shoots stubs

As we went up to the stage to read our cheer message, i read out:

" This is the story of a girl Gul and a boy Gulfam in Bird's Paradise and Valley of flowers."

And the rest of the team membes read out:

'GREEN  aur CASSIA se BANTA  hai aaj ka din

Gul ne Gulzaar to kar liya win


hame miltain hain har din!!

And our team won second prize for the STORY concept, as the judge said... flowers were all about romance, a girl and  a boy :)

The second prize winning team

All the flower arrangements lined up.....

And finally post flower arrangement results  we reached the last leg of the meet.  This was the SIXTH surprise we had not been told about.

Yahodhara Lal, author of  'Just Married Please Excuse' who is already on a Panel of Indiblogger 's  "Get Published with Harper Collins' proposal, actually addressed us.

Unbelievably down to earth, dressed casually in jeans and a top, and immensely likable  Yashodhara gave us some very accurate and useful trips on making the transition from a Blogger to a published author.

Yashodhara Lal

The second prize of flower arrangement contest!

And that is not all....

As we bid adieu to the ball room, we collected our goodies,  a hamper with a cute green pouch with the newly launched Pantene product

the inevitable T shirt, this time in the color  scheme of WHITE

and also a white  Rice paper lantern,  keeping  with the coming festive spirit i guess.

As I bid good byes to all, clutching on to the goodies, there was  a big smile on my face.  Now i understood why Indiblogger meant by saying..'you wouldnt want to miss THIS one!'

And last of all, i am totally in love with the CASSIA and AVOCADO Nature Fusion Pantene hair products.

Try them, you wont regret!


  1. It was a rocking meet!!! So glad to have met you! :)

    Indiblogger never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Yes Akanksha..... they made us feel so special :)

  3. Indiblogger does have a heart for women... its nice to see so many meets exclusive for women..

    nice post Aabha Ma'am...!! gr88

    1. Thank you Amrit. Good to see your sensitivity towards women :)

  4. It was fun to read it all over again... A great meet it was!!

    1. Yes it was a gr8 meet Manjulika. We enjoyed so much :)