Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Moments of HAPPINESS 2

And here they are:

THREE Blog posts in  FIVE hours :)))

Daughter bringing home packed  Kanji Vada.

An impropmtu visit to Anupam Sweets for Gol  Gappas.

Being invited to participate in a Women's Empowerment Meet.

Witnessing my elder daughter walk  the Ramp

The maid bringing a helper and the domestic chores getting completed in one third the time.

Attending Kitty party in a member's Restro Bar instead of her home.

My first bite of marshmallows

Receiving two commissioned paintings of Lord Shiva.

Seeing Mum at the Dining table, albeit in a wheel chair.

The burst of flowers  of Madhu Malti ( Rangoon Creeper) in my small garden.

Cassia Fistula in full bloom, bordering two sides of a road .

A much-delayed-but-it-finally-happened visit to Kali Bari temple in Chittarnjan Park, N Delhi.

A Continental Buffet Brunch

Visiting my Birth town Phagwara.

My younger daughter in Hotel Uniform as an Intern  of a Classy Hotel chain - her dream come true.

Getting a new Wardrobe from the local Boutique.

Biting into Kiwi Fruit

Autumn cleaning for DIWALI

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