Thursday, October 11, 2012

NAVEEN GULIA : Doubly Abled

I have just spent the five most motivating hours of my recent times.  For it took me that much time to finish reading a highly inspirational account of an incredibly brave man, Naveen Gulia.

So, for those like me who got to know him only recently  he is someone whom the medical world called  '100% disability person  " and ,"it is  projected that the maximum he might be able to achieve would be pushing his wheelchair himself".

So, who is Naveen Gulia?  What the doctors proclaimed? Or what he chose to defy everyone and be?

The latter for sure.

'In Quest of the last Victory' is  moving account of his life, from the moment he was born , through his devastating accident that left him paralyzed to the victory of scaling the highest motor able road with his disability, driving non stop to over 18,000 feet, and becoming a motivational speaker and working with the underprivileged children.

A keen sportsmen before his accident, Naveen says:

'However bad the situation might be, one always make every effort to recover and get back into the game.  Sports had drilled this aspect into me. I was going to shine and get back"

So how did a physically challenged  person  becomes so famous that '"a letter with just my name and place on it would reach me".

Wen Naveen made the transition from a wheel chair to a special car, how did he feel?

'I was moving. I had the power. I had the freedom.  When i was in the driver's seat i was no longer disabled.  I was at par with other drivers on the road.  The experience was overwhelming and rejuvenating. I was back into Life".

And how does a physically challenged person feel about adventure?

" I love adventure but it was not a reckless hobby. Adventure is about eliminating the risk with your efforts and preparation.  I wanted to make a mark in the field of adventure sports one day. If i could be able to do it, it would be my perfect revenge with fate, besides experiencing the joy of doing it."

The book is a gripping account of how a young boy who was a slow learner and  at tims an under performer, grew up to believe in himself, always challenging his  own limits and passing the prestigious NDA entrance  exam.

His four years stint with NDA and IMA would  last with him forever, paving way to hem being a beacon of inspiration both in the normal and the physically challenged world.

I am so inspire by this book, that besides writing a post on it, i am going to order two more copies, one for each of my daughters to read and cherish.

Thank you Naveen

 for sharing with us your story.  and a bigger thanks for being such an inspiration.   

I salute your indomitable spirit.

So drop all the books you aer planning to read.  Order 'In Quest of the Last Victory' and see the change in yourself.


  1. Wow- it gives goose bumps even as i read your thoughts on this book. Will pick my copy asap.
    This book ( from your review ) reminds me of a Lesson we had in School - AIRBORNE TO CHAIRBORNE - Story of a Pilot, who is fated to a wheelchair in middle age. He later learns to write holding the writing instrument in his mouth.

    1. Welcome to my Blog Viyoma. Yes, buy this book as your top priority. You will love the book and the courage of the author.

  2. Our daughter is part of an Outdoor mag. Am forwarding this to her. Thanks for sharing this story.

  3. i have read the book too... truly deeply inspirational story of a brave army man... Bravo!!