Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Winds of Change

My elder daughter who is a working professional has a creative passion.  Modelling

Recently she took part in a Fashion Institute's award function.  And yes, i was there to witness the event and cheer her up.

As with  many Fashion shos, the  five rounds of ramp walk were interspersed with dances.
What was heartening  was the winds odd change in our society.  Out of the five rounds of costume, two were especially focusing on women.

the two women centric rounds with social messages were:

Save the Girl Child

One of he models walked the ramp with an adorable two year girl dressed

'Save the Girl Child' round

 in a fairy tale frilly pink dress.

Understandably the media, and he audience went berserk clicking pictures of this little girlt

My daughter in 'Save the Girl child Round'

The second women centric round was

Women Empowerment

Here the opening  sequence had a model walking the ramp holding a bamboo stick.   An idea of empowerment i had never seen before on the ramp :)

Yes, all this happened in FARIDABAD and not your Metropolis like Mumbai or N Delhi.

Women are here to make a MARK, thanks to the winds of CHANGE!


  1. Wonderful themes! Hope this creates some awareness about saving the girl child and women empowerment!
    A proud moment for you to see your daughter do what she likes doing!
    Cheers :)

  2. Yes Shilpa, i am sure it will create awareness for girl Child.

    As for watching my daughter do what she loves doing.... read my NEXT post !