Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ageing with Waheeda

This article appears in Today's issue of BRUNCH Magazine. I found it  to be very good advice from an iconic actor, Waheeda  Rehaman .  So sharing it here.

ACCEPT YOU AGE : With age, you grow as a person. so learn to understand yourself.

SAY NO TO BLACK : Don't dye your hair.  when you are 70, everyone knows  you are grey, so why hide it.  So let it be.  It is more graceful.

ACT YOUR AGE : Don't try to look younger than you are. - even if you are an actor.

KEEP IT CLEAN : Don't use make up when it is not needed.  I still don't use anything but kajal, unless i am shooting or having a big event.

BE CALM : Yoga, walks and meditation help a lot.  I have been doing it for years. If you are calm from within, it always shows.

MOISTURE :  It helps,  every season

STAY HAPPY : Happiness is the key to beauty.  If you are content mentally and emotionally, you'll stay beautiful, no matter hoe old you are.

I agree with most of them.  Perhaps you too do  :)