Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 A few days back,  Faridabad was in the news.  For all the right reasons. Reasons enough to make the heart of its citizens swell with pride.

A section Of Hindustan Times  Business carried the news: 'Faridabad houses India's richest zones'.  You can read more about  it here.

In one of my earlier posts Twin Boons, i had shared  about the changing quality of life in Faridabad since i last came here more than two decades ago.

The Mall culture has pervaded here.  Not surprising as Faridabad it now NCR.  Moreover, a whole new township, often referred to as Greater Faridabad has sprung up beyond the Agra Canal.  Top builders like BPTP, Omaxe, Piyush and others have built residentail accommodations ranging from a regular 2 BHK to  roof top Penthouses and luxury apartments with private Swimming pools.

And yet, jostling with Mall culture and International and national brands, exists  Old Faridabad , adjacent to Sector 28 and 29 which was the original city, much before HUDA built Sectors all over the city.

Over here, exists a maze of shops and homes intertwined quite like the by lanes of Chandni Chowk.  And just as in spite of rapid urbanization Chandni Chowk continues  to do brisk business, so does Old Faridabad.

While it is a normal thing to take pictures in a  Mall, no one ever takes pictures of Old Faridabad.  So when i went on my photo clicking trip i  encountered both amusement and skepticism.

One man said, " Madam, encroachment ki picture le rahe ho?".  I quickly  smiled and reassured him about not having to worry about my motives. For, along both sides of the main road, you'll find consumer products spilling  onto the road, combined with parked scooters and bicycles creating havoc for traffic.

I take you on a photo journey of Old Faridabad.........

The Hardware shop

The Paan shop

The mad rush of rickshaws carrying goods

The Halwai

Sabzi Mandi

Masjid inside Old Faridabad

And sure enough, ATMs have made their presence too......

With modernization creeping in, shops are being broken down to make Mini PLAZAs like this one: 

So, Old Faridabad is here to stay. It remains an integral part of the city which is leaping into modernity.