Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Childhood Interrupted

A new born infant's first brush with the world is through his parents.  The reassuring touch of his mother rand his immediate family is what forms the core of his beliefs.  and TRUST.

As the child grows he interacts with other close members of the family.  followed by Neighbors, acquaintances and even strangers.

Yet, he hangs on for dear life to the ones closest to his environment.

I have always believed that  childhood is the MOST important phase of a person's life.  the values inculcated during this time stay with you  for your entire life.   a happy childhood translated into a happy youth ,  a happy individual. a happy citizen and so on.

whenever we have   delved into the psyche of serial killers or serious offenders like pedophiles, we can trace the  history back to a troubled childhood.

Each one of us is born with a pure heart. It is the big bad world which perverts our mind.

Coming to Child Sexual Abuse.  The scars left by this horrendous betrayal of  TRUST  by a close member of the family, or someone  else can have far reaching consequences, leaving a person battered and bruised for life.

The Campagin started by Author and Blogger Kiran Manral is indeed a bold step in dealing with this sensitive issue. and this post is in appreciation of her efforts to tackle this issue and ease the life of victims of CSA people.

It is heartening to know that several NGOs  like ARPAN, Women's Web, Tuli, South Asian Parent, RAHI and others have lent their support to tackle this issue.

As more and more celebrities come out with their stories of abuse, it will motivate the common folk to  come forward and unburden their guilt and troubled souls.

Confession is always good for the soul and unburdening of secrets kept deep in the heart will definitely free an person of  past traumas and help them to bury the past and move ahead with a fresh perspective.

An intelligent, educated adult can be robbed of a happy life all due to the demons of CSA plaguing his mind.

So, with April as the CSA month approaching fast, let us all do our bit to focus on this issue and set free scores of people trapped in there minds.

Kiran i for one am all with you and would be ahppy to take this ahead in any manner i can.

Let us a give a listening ear to the CSA  victims and help them unburden  themselves and live a happy life.