Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thank you Primrose!

The Red, Black and White combination is striking. 

Even more striking is the GIFT i received today. 

 A collection of 5 DVDs by the acclaimed  Japanese Film Director  AKIRA KUROSAWA..

Take a look at the pic.  Isn'it mind blowing. 

 One of my finest gifts i have ever received seemingly  from a   virtual friend.

Thank you so much Primrose Monteiro-Dsouza.

I was one of the ten Lucky winners in a draw she took out to celebrate her 100th Post.

Now i need to get down to watch each of these flicks.

Primrose... may you continue to Blog and cross 1000 posts.

I am off to get my DVD Player fixed    :))))

Wordless Wednedsay

Bless u Anjouri and Surbhi!