Friday, August 3, 2012

Non Vegetarian, Think AGAIN!

Here are a few reasons why you should stop and pause, if you are a Non vegetarian: 

 Pressure on land due to meat farming leads to soil erosion

 The destruction of the rainforest by cattle farmers is destroying the lungs of the planet & reducing the worlds capacity to replenish our oxygen supply.
The liquid waste from the various parts of the meat & dairy industry flow into the rivers & from there into the seas polluting them & encouraging huge algal blooms to grow .

 Fishing with drift (and other modern) nets weakens and destroys ecosystems by indiscriminately killing billions of sea creatures disrupting the ocean bed.

  Fish caught in nets die an agonising slow death of suffocation.

 Chickens are crammed into battery cages with upto 3 other birds, they are unable to even spread their wings & many can not even stand up
 Unwanted male chicks (because they can't lay eggs) are gassed or pulped while their sisters go to the battery sheds

Chicks are debeaked without anaesthetic to prevent them injuring each other in the unnaturally confined conditions they are kept in—this is equivalent to having your fingernails pulled out without 
 Modern farming methods using growth hormones & artificial lighting mean that many chickens out grow their bones, resulting in fractured &broken legs

Animals travel between farms & to slaughter in overcrowded transporters with no food or water—resulting in stress, injuries & deaths—legal requirements are widely ignored

  Calf leather comes from animals killed at just 2 weeks old.

Cows would naturally live upto 20 years but are slaughtered after 5-7 years when their milk production begins to fall

Meat is full of traces of antibiotics, hormones, toxins produced by stress & pesticide residues that become concentrated from all the crops they have eaten.

 CFCs are released into the air from refrigeration units used to store decomposing flesh (meat), milk & butter—CFCs are destroy the ozone

Bloody waste water from abattoirs ends up in our rivers.

Vegetarians have 24% reduced risk of getting heart disease 

Vegetarians have a 50% reduced risk of dying of diabetes.

Vegetarians have a 40% reduced level of cancer than the general population thought to be because they have a higher intake of vitamins

Meat eaters have double the rate of Alzheimers disease as Vegans & Vegetarians—some people also think that Parkinsons disease is also linked to meat eating.

 Egg yolk is a dense concentration of saturated fat & the white is high in albumin protein associated with leaching calcium into your urine

Fishing with drift (and other modern) nets weakens & destroys ecosystems by indiscriminately killing billions of sea creatures & disrupting the sea bed.

Fishermen' snet kills 10 times as many other animals as the fish they are hoping to catch.

So, now you have plenty of reasont to switch :))