Monday, September 3, 2012

My Cinematic AHA moment

As children we have impressionable minds.  Any tiny incident, positive or negative can leave a lasting impression on a kid's mind. While a positive impression can inspire you in later life , a negative one can dent your psyche and result in behavioral problems in adult life.

Cinema, and Bollywood is a way of life in our country.  A passion felt by one and all, regardless of any distinction be it age, caste or religion.

As a kid,  i enjoyed watching Rajesh Khanna's movies. The best memory i have of his movie is 'Aap ki kasam'.  And with a movie is associated popular songs.

I still enjoy listening to two of the songs from ' Aap ki Kasam''.  Jai jai shiv shankar and karvate badalet rahe , saari raat ham.... aap ki kasam, aap ki kasam.

Two other movies from childhood which  left a lasting impression are Sholay and  Kabhi kabhi.

I remember, in our colony in Allahabad, there was a wedding. As the shaadiwala ghrt wa  geared up preparations, they played dialogues of Sholay instead of popular songs.  Perhaps it was the first time in Bollywidd history that dialogues became more popular than the songs or the movie itslef. Suddenly all of India was talking about Gabbar singh.

The second movie , Kabhi Kabhi also left a mark on me.  The song, 'Kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal aata hai..' In Amitabh's  rich baritone  is unforgettable.  It is still popular  on all Radio Stations.

And from College days i remember Silsila.  Once again here the songs were bigger than the movie.  Who can forget the hugely popular iconic Holi song Rang barse sung by Amitabh?

My all time favourite song happens to be from this movie itself......Ye kahaan aa gay ham... yunhi saath saath chalte..... teri bahon main janam mere jism jaan phigalte.  The lyrics and picturization  of the song nearly overshadow the lead actors Rekha and Amitabh.

From recent times the move close to my heart is Leela Bhansali's  DEVDAS.

Dola re dola and  Maar dala are beautifully  choreographed and enacted by Aishwarya and Madhuri.The fact that Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of Devdas, adds to the drama.

But my 'Cinematic AHA moment' is the scene from Devdas itself.   I think Paro was perhaps Aishwaryas' best role so far, deeply etched in our minds with her 'ishhhhhhhhhhhhhh' :)

The climax of the movie where Aishwarya runs down the wooden stairs of the haveli dressed in a red and white saree with the pallu trailing behind her, is frozen for me.  My AHA moment :)

Yeah, Aishwaray is one of my favorite  actors.  Never mind the critics.

Today , post her motherhood, she has received lot of flak for putting on weight. What is more important - motherhood or people's expectations?

Let her decide how she want to deal with that  extra weight. Let her enjoy motherhood.
I , for one cant wait to see her back in action and am eagerly waiting for her next movie.

Ash, you will always be my 'AHA moment of Cinema'

I am sure you are gonna deliver so much more  in the coming days! Your fans eagerly await your return.