Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tech Moms in a connected World

Technology has sure changed everyone's life  - be it kids, youth, working professionals or SAHM.

When i was a young Mum, my window to the  foreign world was either through  foreign magazines or the hugely popular Star World.

But with the advent of internet everything changed.

That was almost a decade  back. Later  with the introduction of social networking sites like Hi5, i made friends with whom i could connect mentally.

This was especially meaningful as i had quit my teaching job to raise my daughters.

But with Orkut and Facebook, life changed drastically. Sitting at home i could onnect with my FB friends  spread all over the count at home try and a few across the globe.

Technology  is also a good educator.

Although i am not quit regular on twitter but whenever , i  go there, it is like being exposed to a marathon talk on a trending topic.

Technology, indeed sharing has become a piece of cake.

Perhaps technology is the  best thing to have happened to Mums.