Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Atma Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir

In the recent past i visited Punjab twice.  Just as you leave Delhi and travel along G T Karnal road, there is a Jain temple that catches your attention.

On my first visit i just managed to spot it.  In my second visit i decided to explore the temple.  It proved to be an arduous task as the Mandir is not on he left of th highway but along a road hat runs parallel to the G T Karnal road.

Not to be deterred i got out of the car and inspected the scenario.

The G T Karnal road is elevated  compared to the parallel road that runs along it, with thr temple on its left.  So i had to slide along a little slope,jump over a little nala and finally enter the temple premises.

it was early morning and the whole complex was quiet as only early mornings can be.

Shri Atma Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir is a temple complex north of Delhi.

I managed to click a few pictures.

The Mandir campus is in acres with manicured garden.

On another day i would have liked to visit the temple when it was full of devotees.  

But it is wortha d visit.

next time you head out of Delhi, do visit this  Jain temple.

 The temple is dedicated to Vasupujya, the 12th Tirthankara, in memory of the late Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri.

 The most active propagator behind the idea of a memorial building to Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri was the late Sadhvi Mrigavati who passed away when the temple was still in the process of being built.

Since 1984 the Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology is situated at the temple complex.

Shri Atma Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir
Dedicated to:
Vasupujya (12th Tirthankar); in memory of Acharya Vijay Vallabh Suri
Constructed by:
Sadhvi Mrigavati
Vijay Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir Complex
20th Km, G.T.Karnal Road
Delhi – 110036, India.
Ph. 91-11-27201021

Little Moments of HAPPINESS 2

And here they are:

THREE Blog posts in  FIVE hours :)))

Daughter bringing home packed  Kanji Vada.

An impropmtu visit to Anupam Sweets for Gol  Gappas.

Being invited to participate in a Women's Empowerment Meet.

Witnessing my elder daughter walk  the Ramp

The maid bringing a helper and the domestic chores getting completed in one third the time.

Attending Kitty party in a member's Restro Bar instead of her home.

My first bite of marshmallows

Receiving two commissioned paintings of Lord Shiva.

Seeing Mum at the Dining table, albeit in a wheel chair.

The burst of flowers  of Madhu Malti ( Rangoon Creeper) in my small garden.

Cassia Fistula in full bloom, bordering two sides of a road .

A much-delayed-but-it-finally-happened visit to Kali Bari temple in Chittarnjan Park, N Delhi.

A Continental Buffet Brunch

Visiting my Birth town Phagwara.

My younger daughter in Hotel Uniform as an Intern  of a Classy Hotel chain - her dream come true.

Getting a new Wardrobe from the local Boutique.

Biting into Kiwi Fruit

Autumn cleaning for DIWALI

The Winds of Change

My elder daughter who is a working professional has a creative passion.  Modelling

Recently she took part in a Fashion Institute's award function.  And yes, i was there to witness the event and cheer her up.

As with  many Fashion shos, the  five rounds of ramp walk were interspersed with dances.
What was heartening  was the winds odd change in our society.  Out of the five rounds of costume, two were especially focusing on women.

the two women centric rounds with social messages were:

Save the Girl Child

One of he models walked the ramp with an adorable two year girl dressed

'Save the Girl Child' round

 in a fairy tale frilly pink dress.

Understandably the media, and he audience went berserk clicking pictures of this little girlt

My daughter in 'Save the Girl child Round'

The second women centric round was

Women Empowerment

Here the opening  sequence had a model walking the ramp holding a bamboo stick.   An idea of empowerment i had never seen before on the ramp :)

Yes, all this happened in FARIDABAD and not your Metropolis like Mumbai or N Delhi.

Women are here to make a MARK, thanks to the winds of CHANGE!

Cheating ,Cheating

Now, now.  You are intrigued.  The title has caught your attention.

Why cheat?  For a GOOD cause.  Let me assure you :)

Curious? You must be!

Ok..... let me enlighten you..........

I am nearing my 200th post.  Just a few posts away from that grand number.  And i have already decided the TOPIC of my 200th post.  BUT, what to do with all these remaining posts which should be written BEFORE reaching thee 200th.

Simple, i just slide  my way through these posts, sleepwalking.  So, THIS is what  i am going to cheat my readers with. :))

Kabhi Kabhi thoda cheating chalta hai.

So, will be posting randomly till i reach my 200th.

Dont. say i didn't warn you :)