Friday, October 12, 2012

FIRST International Day of the GIRL

Sharing a Mail i received:

 International Day of the Girl, Oct 11,  2012
1 Goal South Africa
Dear Friend,

Today marks the first ever International Day of the Girl – a 

day to recognise girls’ rights around the world. 

This UN-designated day highlights the growing momentum 
behind girls’ education and young women’s empowerment,
 which has been central to Camfed’s work across rural 
communities in Africa for the past 20 years.

The first International Day of the Girl turns the spotlight 

on child marriage – a problem that is depriving so many
 girls around the world of their own childhoods.

The White Ribbon Alliance estimates that 10 million girls

 under the age of 18 are married every year. Some are as
 young as 12 and 13. And many of these girls give birth 
when they are still just children themselves.

Girls’ education, the driving force behind all our work, 

is recognised as one of the most effective ways to
 prevent this.

Read about Camfed’s ground-breaking work in one rural

 community in Malawi, where more than half of the girls
 who drop out of school are pregnant.

 Three of these girls are featured in the powerful film 

The Child Within.

 With Camfed’s support, girls like Elina – who is shown in the

 film struggling to provide for herself and her son – can now 
go back to school.

She hopes one day to become a journalist: “It is still my dream

 to be an empowered woman,” she says. 

Warm wishes,

Ann Cotton
Founder and President