Monday, February 11, 2013

Little moments of HAPPINESS 3

And here they are:

Finding a thirty year old photo of Ma Santoshi i used to pray to as a kid, in my parent's home.

Finding carefully  preserved  Rudraksh  beads  of a broken Rudraksh necklace,  after a decade.

The smell of sandalwood dhoop in my room.

When my phoolwala packs in petals of roses along with the regular marigold flowers.

The first positive , much awaited  review of your first ever book.

When people from the younger generation relate to your writing and extend warm wishes.

Hotel Gujjufonia (click here).

Mum sending Kaanji and gobi,  shalgam and gajar pickle.

When your neighbor stops the bike just to congratulate you on your first book.

The first wedding of the next generation in your family.

Hailstorms in winter *excitement*

Eating Pinni in winters.

A surprise  call from a friend.

A get together of ex univ mates.

A day at the book fair.

A day at the Surajkund Crafts mela.

Meeting Facebook friends for the first time.

Writing poetry.

A facial at Kaya Clinic and the exotic Kaya drink.

When the RJ hosts a show in Punjabi and uses the punch line, 'mar jaawaan gud khaa ke'

A Blogger invite at a classy Sports bar at an even classier Mall

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  1. For me ,a cool evening with family.A drink,dinner and listening to children's happy moments.