Saturday, February 9, 2013

This Valentine Day, love LIFE

[This post is  dedicated to my daughters]

Dear Anjouri and Surbhi,

Having a Blogger Mum comes with side effects.  Too many sermons :).  But i promise to control my maternal instincts and not bore you.  But this Valentine day i decided to dedicate a post to both of you.

This Valentine Day instead of talking about red hearts, cute teddies and deep red , long stemmed roses, i shall share with  you a few life truths. These are by no means the ultimate.  As each one of us experiences life in our own way.  You owe  it to yourself to make your own decisions and experience  life your own way.  But a little gyaan from your Mum would not hurt for sure.

 Let today mark the ending of one episode of your life, with a BEGINNING of a new one.  Embrace CHANGE . Be open, but be SMART too.  I dont have to tell you to be kind and compassionate because  that you already are.  You just have to be TRUE to yourself.

Never live in DENIAL.

Never ignore that little voice inside you.  Your INTUITION   Your basic instinct   Your first untossed reaction to an event or a person.  Because it is 99.99% TRUE.  TRUST your thought process before it gets diluted by  DOUBT or your soft nature.

 By doing so,  you CUT   short the HAPPINESS  you are due.  The happiness you deserve.   Life is too SHORT  to drag bullshit.  Bullshit deserves to be treated with exactly  that : BULLSHIT, and  a NO NONSENSE  attitude.

Remember in Life, BALANCE is very important.

Balance between Joy and Sorrow.  For every life will surely have a mix of the two.

Balance between careful planning and spontaneity.  Sometimes it is all about going with the GUT feeling.

Balance between Expenditure and Saving.

There will be times when people will be unkind.  They will hurt you.  Your faith will be shaken. But only for a while.  Life will bounce back.  And you will surely SMILE again.

Believe in karma.  Do good.  Oscar Wilde said, " To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance".

Further, Lucille Ball said, 'You really have to love YOURSELF to get anything done in this world". I might add, that you also need to  BELIEVE in yourself.

Remember, the GREATEST gift we humans have been given is the promise of a NEW day,  to start afresh, with new vigor, new strength and with LESSONS learnt along the way.

On a BAD  day, it is important to hold on. Hang on there.  When the problem has been gnawing at  you whole day long, it is  the easiest thing in the world to snap, retaliate  against your better judgement.  You just need to allow yourself to be hurt and angry.  The trick is  to  sleep over the issue and  see things in new perspective the NEXT MORNING.  There is something SACRED   about early MORNINGS.  A brand new day with immense possibilities.  You can choose to be positive or negative.  Obviously  choose POSITIVE.  

CHERISH you close ones who stand by you in thick and thin
 Marcel Proust said, "Let us be grateful to people who make us HAPPY. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls BLOSSOM".

Now a little bit about dreams and expectations.  We  all have dreams .  And many come true. Some don't.   What happens when life does not serve you what you desire. It passes by  your most intense dream? Shock. Disillusionment  Sadness. And could be worse. It is here we need to have shockers to bear the agony out.  FAITH in the Almighty.  Just be kind to yourself and say,  " It did not work out.  Never mind.  I am not going to make this disappointment the be all and the end all of my life.  I will get past this.  This too shall pass."



HUMOR is the spice of life. A great STRESS buster.

And some Gender Equality :)

For Anjouri and me this Valentine will be special  For we will be celebrating Valentine Day mid air. A  midst the clouds . God's domain.  When i booked the air tickets two months ago , it did not register that it would be Valentine. But what the heck. Its gonna be fun.  Will miss you Surbhi.  But there will be many more happy occasions. So dont fret.

 So this Valentine day  love LIFE! Happy Valentine Day!

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