Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shivers of SHAME

As i pack my bags for a much awaited holiday, my enthsiasm has vanished due to the rape of five year old Gudiya.

 I feel defeated.

The vigor of  nationwide protest of  the Delhi Gang rape has become meaningless   We thought we had woken up as a nation. As a civilized society. But even the nation wide protests have failed to safeguard women. It does not matter whether she is three months old or fifty. Indian or a foreign tourist. The brutal rape of body and mind of women and tender girls  in our nation  has not ceased.

The euphoria i felt at having attended a stimulating power packed International Women's day at British council where a cross section of celebrities  International NGOs, youth , Bloggers , a Rock band had come together to raise awareness against violence towards  women , now  seems to ring hollow.

The brief  relief i felt at the passing of the Anti Rape Law seems  meaningless now.   After all what can be expected when only a small section of politicians deemed it necessary to be present on the vital voting day.

Who is irresponsible for the cold blooded act of rape of a five year old girl? Locked for two days . Screaming for life.  With a bottle of oil and broken pieces of candle inside her vagina.

In my post INDICHANGE :   An EQUAL Life     , i had written that rape is not about  hormones. It is not about sex. It is not about erotica. Some sections of society had criticized Nirbhaya for venturing out at night. How then do you explain the abduction, rape, torture of five year old Gudiya?

It is about a patriarchal mindset. It is about Violence against women. It is about complacency.   It is about weak laws. It is about immune politicians. It is about US. You and me. And above all it is about the prevailing society we live in.

As i write this post only two stains of relief soothe my anger. The first that Gudiya has been declared out of danger. Secondly that the joint efforts of Delhi Police and Bihar Police have caught Manoj the culprit.

But how many timed do we have to raise our voices for basic human dignity for women. How many times do we have to brave the Police lathis and  bear slaps of Police officers for protesting against injustice?

Obviously all that that has been done is not enough.

NOT ENOUGH i repeat.

We need to keep crating pressure for strict laws.

We need to  have laws to HANG every rapist in  our country.

Perhaps, only then will the perverted, callous, unimaginably twisted psychology of a rapist mind will be held at bay.

But will mere Hanging as a punishment for rape stop rape? Absolutely not.

In the wake of Gudiya's brutal rape, every activist, lawmaker and politicians is realizing that the answer lies WITHIN  us. We have to CHANGE  as a society. change our thinking. Act RESPONSIBLE
What are we teaching our children today?

That Munni is badnaam

Shiela is jawaan

Babli is badmaash.

While you and i return from the movie  hall and get on with our lives, there are men from low cadres of our society who carry this message with them. It pollutes their thinking. As long as there is disparity between the urban and rural, the literate and the illiterate, the poor and the rich, we can't afford item girls.

 We have to stop objectification of women.

Teach gender equality at home and in our primary schools.

What we currently feel is SHIVERS of SHAME.


.This and only this will curb and eventually weed away rape from our country.

Indiblogger, you recently hosted Women Indiblogger meet in Bangalore and Mumbai.

I think it is time for a DELHI Indiblogger meet for WOMEN.

As Bloggers we will all come together, raise our voices, and share our pain. AND give out suggestions of rape free India.

Renie Ravin, i am waiting...........................

Monday, April 15, 2013


We have all grown up knowing the Rudraksha mala for Jap.  Did you know that the fruit is an intense deep blue? i did not know until today.

 Rudraksha is believed to be the direct blessings of Lord Shiva.

Here are some facts on Rudraksha:

. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra ("Shiva") and akṣha ("eyes").  

It  is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree whose seed is traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism.

 The seed is borne by several species of Elaeocarpus, with E. ganitrus being the principal species used in the making of a bead chain or mala

 The specific epithet ganitrus is possibly taken from ganitri, the name for this species in Sundanese and Malay.

Rudraksha grows in the area from the Gangetic Plain in foothills of the Himalayas to South-East Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea to Australia, Guam, and Hawaii.

Rudraksha seeds are covered by an outer shell of blue color when fully ripe, and for this reason are also known as blueberry beads. 

The blue colour is derived not from pigment but is structural.

 It is an evergreen tree that grows quickly. Rudraksha Tree starts bearing fruit in three to four years. As the tree matures, the roots buttress rising up narrowly near the trunk and radiating out along the surface of the ground.

The pinkish buds  change into white blossoms

The seeds show variation in the number of grooves on their surface, and are classified on the basis of the number of divisions that they have.

 Different qualities are attributed to the rudraksha based on the number of grooves, or 'faces' that it has.

 A common type has five divisions, and these are considered to be symbolic of the five faces of Shiva. It can only be worn with red string or a gold chain.

Rudraksha Mala has been used by Hindus as rosary at least from the 10th century  onwards for meditation purposes and to sanctify the mind, body and soul. 

 The mythology that surrounds the Rudraksha is that the Hindu god Shiva meditated on the welfare of all mankind and cried tears of compassion, peace and joy.

 These tears upon hitting the earth crystallized to form these seeds

 The divine qualities of this bead were first noted in ancient Hindu scriptures. 

They bless one with peace of mind; protect against evil doers and spirits; and bless with peace and prosperity.

Rudraksha fruit is blue in color (hence the other  name blueberry )

 but turns black

 when dried. 

The central hard Rudraksha uni-seed may have 1 to 21 faces.

 research conducted by a group of scientists of Banaras Hindu University in coordination with Department of Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering, Psychiatry, General Medicine and Psychology have proved the powers of Rudraksha scientifically with reproducible results which proved that Rudraksha have electromagnetic, para-magnetic, inductive dia-magnetic and dynamic polarity or the ability to change its polarity.

 It has also been shown that Rudraksha have anti-ageing properties based on their electromagnetism.and also have ayurvedic properties.

It also offers a protective shield to the human body.

 Rudraksha beads have many other powerful properties in transforming one's personality and outlook in a positive way.

The most appealing about the power of Rudraksha is that it is worn by the lord Shiva as an ornament in his zata (locks of hair),

 as necklace, as wrist band and armband.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Gudi Padwa 2013

Today the Navratras start in North India. In Maharashtra today is celebrated as Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa, the first Holy festival which marks the beginning of the New Year, new month and new day for the Hindus falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. (11th April 2013)

It is known as Gudhi Padwa (in Maharashtra), 

Ugadi (in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh). 

[In other parts of country it is celebrated during Nau Roz (Kashmir),

 Baisakhi (Punjab),

 Cheti Chand (Sindhi),

 Naba Barsha (Bengal), Goru Bihu (Assam)

 Puthandu (Tamil Nadu),

 Vishu (Kerala)]

On this very day Lord Brahma created the Universe. Therefore for Hindus, this day carries special importance. The day is celebrated with an auspicious bath, followed by decorating the doorway with a 'toran', performing ritualistic worship and hoisting the Gudhi.
Gudhi Padwa is celebrated as Ugadi (or Yugadi) in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The day, begins with ritual showers (oil bath) followed by pooja to god and Panchanga Shravana.Houses are decorated with Mango Leaves and Rangoli and everyone in the family wear new clothes and celebrate the festival by wishing each other New year greetings.
The eating of a specific mixture called Bevu-Bella (Neem and Jaggery) in Kannada, symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of good and bad, Happiness and Sorrow. Eating Neem and Sweet Jaggery means one need to take both Good and Bad or Happiness and Sorrow should be accepted together and with equanimity through the New Year.
 The special mixture consists of:

1. Neem Buds/Flowers for its bitterness, signifying Sadness

2. Jaggery which is sweet, signifying Happiness

In Karnataka a special dish called Obbattu or Holige (Puran Poli), is prepared on this occasion. It consists of a filling (gram and jaggery/sugar boiled and made in to a paste) stuffed in a flat roti like bread. It is usually eaten hot/cold with ghee or milk topping or coconut milk at some places of Karnataka.

'Gudi Padwa' is the day on which the universe was created. Since on this day Shri Brahma created the universe and the Satyayug began, it marks the commencement of the New Year.
The Divine consciousness emanating during sunrise, absorbed at that time lasts longer. Thus the Gudi should be worshipped within 5-10 minutes after sunrise !
On Gudi Padwa, the waves consisting of the fire principle (Tej tatva) and the creative Prajapati waves are activated on a large scale. The Divine consciousness emanating during sunrise, absorbed at that time lasts longer. This consciousness is stored in the body cells and is used as required. Hence the Gudi should be worshipped within 5-10 minutes after sunrise.


Happy New Year to  all ! Happy Navratras !!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sometimes as i reflect  back on life, it seems to be a sum total of memories. and milestones. Two kinds of memories are deeply etched in our minds - the ones that gave us the deepest pain and the ones that they gave us the maximum joy.  And thrown in between are the fun filled ,easy- times-laid back memories of days spent letting life pass by without much drama in life.

Some of the memories  are part of important milestones in life. These milestones quite often are reasons to celebrate life.  Pretty much  like festivals.

Three years ago i ventured into the world of Blogging totally oblivious of the journey i was embarking  upon.  One post, and i had made my entry into  Blogosphere.

Today, April 2, 2013 is the  third  Blogversary of  DAFFODILS.

Blogging opened up a whole new world to me.  It not only honed my writing skills but became a means to go down memory lane, freeze moments lived in the past and became an outlet for not just sharing  my thoughts but a tool for  sharpening my thought process.

The Blogging  journey of the past three years was made possible due to many  factors.

First and foremost thanks to the readers who kept the fire burning in my heart.  Without an audience there would be no Blog.  The comments and the page views indeed warmed my heart, and shall always contine to inspire a post.

Secondly,  the toast goes to my fellow bloggers.  The have enriched my life.  Made blogging so interesting.  Meeting Bloggers in real life is the ultimate reward of being a Blogger.

Thirdly, a special mention about   Indiblogger.  You deserve a special recognition for taking Blogging beyond being a writing platform.  One after the other, your painstakingly theme/ based Indiblogger meets kept getting better and better each time. The last one on International women's Day at the British council was the most liberating and spectacular of all the meets i have attended so far. To have Priya Paul, Rahul Bose, Anoushka Shankar and the rock Band Swarathma all under one roof was a feat no doubt   And that was not all. The meet offered so much more. Thank you Indiblogger!

Fourthly, Blogging has made it possible for me to become a published author.  My Travelogue BARFANI BABA, To Amarnath Happily, besides being  an immensely fulfilling personal experience, was a source of appreciation by  the readers.

 Thanks to Blogging, i look forward  to more  writing in the future.

Today, co incidentally also happens to be Sixth World Autism Awareness Day.

 Last winter i had attended a winter Carnival organized by TAMANA, a well known NGO run by Dr Shyama Chona, and blogged about it.

 You can read about TAMANA and the carnival HERE.

Keep coming back to DAFFODILS.  Keep inspiring me! :) :)